Fairy Tail 294 – Battle of the Dragon Slayers

Fairy Tail 294 is up next and this chapter is going to be an epic chapter. Natsu and Gajeel, from Fairy Tail, will be facing Sting and Rogue from Sabertooth. All of them are Dragon Slayers. I’m sure this will be an interesting battle and many Fairy Tail fans will surely read this chapter. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Fairy Tail chapter 294 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Battle of the Dragon Slayers. You can now read this chapter on popular manga sites online.

During the previous chapter, it was more of a two vs one. Ichiya vs the two other Mages. Nichiya, from Edolas, was not a fighter. So he was knock-out first. Ichiya played the “hero” role, where he receive the punches and beating up first and then countered with one blow to defeat the enemies.

Next, the Four Dragon Slayers, seriously? The stadium might not stand the chance if their powers clashed together. The next battle will be between Natsu vs Sting and Gajeel vs Rogue. Rogue have a “red eyes” like Gajeel’s, where their eyes are like of a snake. They will be the perfect opponent for each other.

While, Natsu and Sting have already a history. And they are both dying to fight each other. Sting has an unusual Dragon Slayer power. His element is unknown, unlike Natsu who is a fire element.

Sting and Rogue are known as the Twin Dragons, but both Natsu and Gajeel is also a great combination. I’m sure Natsu and Gajeel will stand a chance against the Twin Dragons, but it will not be easy.

Let’s find out on Fairy Tail chapter 294. I’ll try to post update if I can find Fairy Tail 294 spoilers or raw scans. Usually they come out 24 hours before the chapter is released. But definitely I’ll update this post once Fairy Tail 294 is released. Stay tuned!



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