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Fairy Tail 296: Natsu vs The Two Dragons (Released)

Fairy Tail 296 is up next, this chapter is payback time for Natsu. Gejeel was supposed to be included but Natsu kicked him out of the match. Natsu vs the Twin Dragons (Sting and Rogue). Who will win? This chapter is going to be epic! Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Fairy Tail chapter 296 is now available! In this chapter Natsu will fight Sting and Rogue! Will he use Dragon Force? Find out. You can now begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

fairy tail 296Image Credit: Deviant Artist AkilaChione

Sting and Rogue activated their Dragon Force to fight Natsu and Gajeel. Sting stopped Rogue from joining the fight since he believes that he will be enough to defeat Natsu and Gajeel. Sting showed the power of his third generation dragon force by beating up Natsu and Gajeel. Natsu was the first one to taste the fist of Sting . Both of them also got a taste of the super-charged White Dragon’s roar, resulting in the destruction of the whole battle ground. Sting also unleashed Holy Ray followed by powerful punches and kicks.

Sting thought he won, unfortunately for him Natasu and Gajeel was tougher. Both of them stood up as if nothing had happened. On top of that, they were also able figure out Sting’s every move and execution. Natsu had a reply, and to make the battle more interesting he kick Gajeel out of the battle. Natsu is all fired up and he will be facing both Sting and Rogue at the same time.

Natsu will surely show them that a first generation dragon slayer is more powerful than a third generation dragon slayer. I’m not sure if Natsu will face them by activating his dragon force. The last time we saw Natsu in Dragon Force mode was when he ate Etherion. Since then, he wasn’t able to use his DF.

Did Natsu already figured out how to activate his DF, or he plans to face Sting and Rogue without DF? If so, this would mean that Natsu is more powerful than Sting and Rogue, even if he is not in DF mode. I’m really excited to see this in Fairy Tail chapter 296.

Fairy Tail 296 is expected to be released this coming Friday/Saturday. I’ll try to post some Fairy Tail 296 spoilers if I can, but I’ll definitely update this page once Fairy Tail 296 is available. So stay tuned!



7 responses to “Fairy Tail 296: Natsu vs The Two Dragons (Released)”

  1. The last time Natsu used Dragon Force was when he battled Zero and ate Jellal’s Flame of Rebuke…

    Also, Natsu still can’t use Dragon Force at will, he still needs to eat fire with special properties.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Also at one point it says something about beating sting and lector, but it should be Sting and Rogue/Rouge

    1. Haha It should have been Sting and Rogue. Perhaps when the time I wrote the article, I was thinking of Sting and Rogue but my fingers typed Sting and Lector (which is the title of the chapter). Thanks for noticing it

  3. Natsu will use Lighting-Fire Dragon mode !!:) u will see it!!:)

  4. I really need to see Natsu wins this battle!!!

  5. where can I read the this chapter? or what chapter is it on manga? coz manga and the anime is different in titles. I used to match the anime but now I have to read it.

    1. On manga it’s chapter 296. I don’t know what episode is this on anime. But it’s towards the end since they stop airing fairy tail anime series

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