Fairy Tail Chapter 286 Laxus vs Alexei

Fairy Tail Chapter 286 Laxus vs Alexei

Fairy Tail Chapter 286 is up next. This time it will be Laxus vs Alexei. This could be a tough fight between the two. What or who could be the real target of Raven’s Fangs. Fairy Tail Chapter 286 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll try to post update once Fairy Tail 286 spoiler or raw scans is available or when the chapter itself is released.


UPDATE: Fairy Tail 286 is now available. You can start reading chapter 286 Laxus vs Alexie here.

Meanwhile, the previous round was quite entertaining. Obra did not reveal his true power and used only a minimal amount of magic resulting to a score of 4 from the MPF. But I’m pretty sure that he could have gotten a four digit figure if he unleashed his full power.

Next is Ogra, getting the first four digit figure of 3825. Then Jura with a score of 8544. And finally Cana Alberona. Cana was helped somehow with the mark on her arm. She unleashed Fairy Litter and scored a whooping 9999 breaking the MPF itself. That was an easy victory for the fairy tail.

laxus vs alexei laxus vs alexei

But the next round will be a duel between wizards. And the first fight will be Raven’s Claw’s Alexei vs Fairy Tail’s Laxus. Who will win the battle?

Fairy Tail 286 will be released by Saturday. And hopefully Fairy Tail 286 spoiler will be released 24 hours before that.

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