Naruto 602: Alive (Review)

Naruto 602 is now available! up next and little by little the secret behind Obito and Madara is being revealed to us readers. First we found out that Tobi is really Obito. Then Obito had some connection with Madara. But there are still questions that were not clearly answered. Let’s find out in Naruto chapter 602.


Naruto 602 Review

Here are some points about the chapter:

  • Madara is somehow alive after all these year by absorbing chakra from Mazou.
  • I think it’s safe to say that the eye of the moon is really Madara’s plan to begin with, since he wants to change the world, totally.
  • Tobi’s body is partially made of Harashima’s artificial body. Perhaps that explains the deformed portion on his face.
  • Madara’s real eyes is with someone else, who could it be?
  • And what happened to Madara’s right eye? Did he inserted a Rinnegan eye later?
  • As far as this chapter had shown us, Tobi is still in his right mind. But what did Madara do to make Tobi change?
  • Perhaps Tobi was not really convinced with Madara’s plan but he had no choice but to play along.

UPDATE2: Naruto chapter 602 is now available. The chapter is entitled Alive. What’s with the weird tube behind Madara’s back? I guess it’s the thing that keeps him alive, even though he is very old. And Madara did somehow “”brainwashed”” Tobi, in becoming what he is now.
UPDATE1: Sorry I was not able to notice that the Naruto there was a Kagebunshin, that was a tiny scene in a centerfold section. I’m not really sure if the real Naruto is there or not. Either way, the story might focus on old Madara and young Obito in the next chapter.

Image Credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist OneBill

Naruto Chapter 602

It’s almost here! I’ll update this post once Naruto chapter 602 is released.

Naruto 602 Spoiler

Can’t seem to find a REAL Naruto 602 spoiler. Oh well, the chapter is expected to be released any time today. BTW, the real Naruto 602 spoiler is not yet out. It will be released 1 day before Naruto chapter 602 is released. In the mean time here are my thoughts about the previous chapter and what I think will happen in Naruto chapter 602.

First off all, I was not surprised that Obito somehow knew Madara according to an interview with Kishimoto. But how did they knew each other is one big question, and during the last chapter it gave us a clue as to how Obito survived and how Obito and Madara became “”friends””/BFFs.

Oh by the way, do not worry about the five Kage, Tsunade has summoned Katsuyu to heal the Kage. And yes, Madara did try to finish them off. Woaw! wait a minute, Tsunade’s body was torn into half! Will she survive? I don’t know perhaps by the end of this great ninja war, Naruto could become the next Hokage.

Moving on, Madara and Obito planned this whole thing all along. Since the day Madara saved Obito from the pile of big rocks that crushed half of his body. But things didn’t perfectly go as planned.

Naruto 602 Prediction

As this point, Naruto clearly does not have the power to stop Madara. But in the last page, Madara will be facing Naruto and Hachibi, while Obito will be facing Kakashi and Guy. There are two possible things that could happen in Naruto 602. It’s either we find out how Madara saved Obito, and started this whole thing. Or we see Obito fight Kakashi and Guy. But there could also be the possibility that Kishimoto will combine these two events in Naruto chapter 602.

Those are my thoughts, what do you think guys? Any predictions or comments on what you think is happening between Obito and Madara?

I’m sure we will find out once Naruto chapter 602 will be released, any time soon. I’ll try to post Naruto 602 spoiler when they come out. Stay tuned!



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