Naruto Chapter 603: Rehabilitation (Review)

Naruto Chapter 603 Review

Now that Naruto 603 has been released, it’s time to look back and see how things went. So one of the Zetsu offered his body to help Obito save Kakashi and Rin. The Zetsu’s face that Obito used looks like one of Obito’s Mask. How ironic…

Thing are a little bit unclear for me yet. Did Obito really left the cave? And if he did, I’m sure he did not make it since Rin died. But most probably he witnessed how Rin died and somehow that incident turned him to Madara’s side. I guess, we will not be seeing Naruto for a while since the story is focused more on Obito and Madara’s past, which I think is really important for us to better understand the whole thing. I guess let’s call this series “”Madara and Obito Shippuden“” for a while. hehe

Naruto Chapter 603 is up next. Obito was saved by Madara and healed his body by using Harashima’s Artificial Body. I have to admit it, Madara sure knows a lot of things other than fighting. I think he even knows more stuff than Orochimaru does. We will find out more on how Madara molded Obito in Naruto chapter 603.


UPDATE2: Naruto 603 is now available. This chapter is entitled Rehabilitation. Rehab of Obito….
UPDATE: A naruto 603 spoiler has been leaked out. I dunno how authentic the scripts were, but according to the spoiler, Madara showed Obito something. And at the last page of the chapter, Obito asked Madara to train him to activate his Sharingan. The Naruto 603 will be released any time soon. Just a few hours perhaps. Stay tuned!

Image Credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Tremblaxx

Naruto Chapter 603 Spoiler

As much as possible, I do not post fan made Naruto 603 spoiler. It’s just the same as predictions. However some of the fan made spoilers are interesting. But right now Naruto 603 spoiler is not yet available. There are times that scanlators do not leak raw scans of the chapter. And sometimes spoiler are released just few hours from the time the chapter is released.

Naruto 603 Prediction

Moving on, the previous chapter gave us an idea why Obito is partying with Madara. First of all, Madara saved Obito and he is somehow indebted to Madara because of this. Part of Obito’s body is made of Harashima’s artificial body and most probably it has recovering abilities as well.

Madara is also slowly brainwashing Obito into turning bad. Sooner or later Madara will crack Obito’s head and convince him to join his cause. Naruto chapter 603 would probably show us more information on how Madara brainwashed Obito. Or we could be back to where the fight is.

What intrigues me is, where is Madara’s real eyes? Who did he left it with? I’m also interested in knowing how Kabuto was able to “”modify”” Madara’s body and how did he exactly died?

I’ll post updates later when more information about Naruto chapter 603 comes out. I’ll also look for confirmed spoiler as well. Stay tuned!



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