naruto chapter 612

Naruto 612: The Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu (Released)

Naruto 612 is now available! up next. Naruto and Hachibi’s move were ineffective, just as I have predicted. Hachibi was thrown away like an insect by the Juubi. They all run out of chakra, fortunately the cavalry has arrived. Will they stand a chance against Madara, Obito and the Juubi? Find out in Naruto chapter 612.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 612 is now available. This chapter is entitled “The Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu“.

naruto chapter 612Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Kasukiii


Naruto 612 Spoiler

To answer my question above whether the whole ninja clan can stop or defeat Madara and the Juubi, my answer would be – they won’t be able to defeat or even stop Madara.

Why? It’s not their destiny to defeat Madara. It has to be Naruto, the Kyuubi and perhaps Sasuke too. Besides Madara alone is too powerful for them. How much more now that the Juubi had awakened. Even the five Kages were not able to stop Madara.

What the whole ninja clan can do now is to support Naruto by giving them enough time to recover. Naruto also needs the power of Kurama, but Kurama and Hachibi ran out of chakra and they needed to rest for awhile.

I’m just curious when and how will Sasuke appear in this war? What do you think guys?

Naruto 612 Spoiler

Naruto 612 spoiler should be available anytime soon. Ill post update once spoilers are out or when Naruto chapter 612 is out.

Note:Naruto manga is a licensed manga. Please support the work of Kishimoto by buying the original Naruto manga volumes when they become available in your region.



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