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Naruto 613: Mind (Released)

Naruto 613 is now available! up next. The Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu has started, and according to Naruto it is the jutsu that will stop Madara’s wicked plan. But even with the combined powers of the different clan, and with the Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu, can they stop the Juubi, specially now that it is nearing its perfect stage? Find out in Naruto chapter 613.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 613 is now available. This chapter is entitled “Mind”.

naruto chapter 613Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist kyubii9


Naruto 613 Prediction

Honestly guys, do you think that the Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu will stand a chance against the Juubi? Basically, this jutsu is just a combination of the jutsus of all the different clans. It’s like a strategized attack. Well, they could slow down the Juubi and give Naruto and the kyubi enough time to recover. But I don’t think they can defeat Madara and the Juubi with it.

Just look at Madara and Obito, they are not worried or frightened even one bit. During the last chapter Obito or Madara said that the Juubi is almost at its final stage. What’s coming? Something very terrible I think. Perhaps the Juubi will unleashed some powerful attack that will hit them and wipe them all with just one blow. It might be game over for them once they have started the Infinite Tsukuyomi or Mugen Tsukuyomi.

But you know how things goes in an Anime or Manga. Usually something unexpected happens in the most desperate and hopeless situations. Besides, Sasuke still hasn’t shown his face yet.

Naruto 613 Spoiler

Naruto and kurama goes back into the front lines and bam! Something big happens.
Naruto 613 spoiler will be posted in this section if ever it becomes available. I’ll post update once spoilers are out or when Naruto 613 comes out. Stay tuned!

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