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Naruto 624: A Complicated Friendship (Spoiler/Prediction/Release Date)

Naruto 624 is the next Naruto manga chapter. Last episode was a continuation of a flashback about Hashirama and Madara’s childhood days. One day after another, they continually meet at their same meeting place. Exchanging blows and ideas, strengthening their friendship. But all of that is about to change when their respective clans discover their “friendship”. What will happen to Hashirama and Madara? Find out in Naruto chapter 624.


naruto 624Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist the103orjagrat

Naruto 624 Predictions/Spoiler

Last episode we saw the continuation of Madara and Hashirama’s childhood days and how their friendship begun. Each day their friendship grew and the more they begun to understand each other, even though without saying their last name or revealing to where clan they belong.

However, I got the feeling that Madara already knew, somehow, that Hashirama was from the Senju clan before his Father and Tobirama told him that Madara is from Uchiha clan. They tried to use Hashirama to capture Madara, same goes with Madara’s kin on the other side.

Unfortunately for them, their friendship was strong, instead they warned each other that it was a trap and they should run for their lives. However, it was a little bit to late, because Hashirama’s father and Tobirama where already at the scene. Same goes with Tajima Uchiha and Izuna.

Most probably the next chapter will be a battle between Tajima Uchiha vs Butsuma Senju and Tobirama vs Izuna. I’m not really sure if Madara or Hashirama will join the fight, or will they continue to run away, or they might stop them from fighting each other.

You might be wondering how Madara became bad, my theory is that it has something to do with Izuna’s death. And perhaps Hashirama might have done something (probably to protect his village) that made Madara angry or loose something. Something like an irreversible incident that turned Madara into what he is now.

Well, let’s just see if my theory is right in the Naruto 624 manga chapter, and the succeeding chapters. What do you think guys?

Naruto 624 Release Date

By the way, there will be no Naruto chapter 624 this coming Tuesday/Wednesday. They are on a week break and Naruto 624 release date will most probably be by third week of March.

I’ll update this post if anything comes up. Stay tuned!



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