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Naruto 632: Team 7 and Edo Hokages vs Juubi

Naruto 632 is just around the corner and I can’t wait anymore for the next chapter to be released. Things are really heating up and getting great. Minato, Hashirama, Tobimaru and Sarutobi have already arrived at the battle ground. Sasuke also arrived and declared that he wants to become the next Hokage. Team Kakashi or Team 7 is back, and is ready to kick some Juubi ass!


naruto 632Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist IITheYahikoDarkII

Naruto 632 Spoiler and Prediction

Naruto 632 is going to be an epic chapter. With the arrival of the four strongest and previous Hokage, plus the reunion of Team 7, they have a big chance of defeating the Juubi and Madara now.

Hashirama won’t fight Madara yet, not until they finish off the Juubi fist. This is really getting interesting and exciting. We don’t know for sure if they will finally be able to defeat the Juubi, or Madara might have tricks that is yet to be unleashed.

If they are able to defeat or seal the Juubi in Naruto 632, we might be seeing Hashirama vs Madara anytime soon. But we don’t know for sure, Kishimoto might have come up something to make the climax more dramatic.

What do you think guys? Will the Juubi reach it’s final form, or will they be able to destroy the Juubi before that happens? And will we see Madara vs Hashirama? Or will the Edo Tensei of the Hokage will be dispeled. And the only hope left is the two aspiring Hokages, Naruto and Sasuke?

I’ll try to post a confirmed Naruto 632 spoiler if ever I spot one. But I’ll update this post when Naruto 632 is released.



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