Read Naruto Chapter 565 Spoiler – Naruto and Bee vs the 6 Jinchuuriki

Naruto Chapter 565 : Spoilers – Naruto and Bee vs Tobi a.k.a. “”No One”” and the Six Jinchuuriki

Naruto Chapter 565 is expected to be another epic chapter where Naruto and Bee will be fighting the six Jinchuuriki or Tobi’s “”Six Path of Pain“”. Naruto has to go through the six Jinchuuriki and unmask Tobi or “”No One“” or whoever he is. Tobi’s ultimate goal remains the same, to complete the Moon’s Eye Plan (or Eye of the Moon).


Naruto and Bee tasted the wrath of Roushi’s Magma Element Blazing Boulder Stream, Yagura’s Water Element Water Mirror Technique, Utaka’s Bubble Boom Technique, Fuu’s Secret Technique Scale Camouflage and the fighting strength of Yugito and Han.

It was somewhat shocking that Tobi was not aware that Kabuto has revive the real Madara Uchiha using Edo Tensei. He seemed pissed of when he heard about the “”other Madara“”. Then he suddenly laughed as his secret is being revealed little by little. Man this guy is crazy!

WTF! “”Tobi”” was just one of his names and hes been using the name “”Madara Uchiha”” too to his advantage. So now, looking back to the questions “”who is the man behind the mask?“” and “”is Tobi really Madara Uchiha?“” Well I think, none of the above was the answer at the first place. He declared that his “”No One“”! His name does not matter or who he is and who he was. But still we need to find out and Naruto will help us know who is really this masked man with Sharingan eye on his right and Rennigan on his left.

But I did observed one big difference about the summoned/revived Madara Uchiha and Tobi. Madara can use Sharingan and Rennigan but it’s either both of his eyes turns into Sharingan or Rennigan. (If I’m not mistaken) Whereas Tobi’s eyes are composed of 1 Sharingan and 1 Rennigan. It’s like Tobi is also a revived character just like his 6 dead Jinchuuriki who were brought back and used by Tobi.

Meanwhile, Tobi a.k.a “”No One“” is determined in completing the Moon’s Eye Plan (or Eye of the Moon Plan). Where he plans to complete and reunite all the Bijuu back into Jubi (Ten Tails). “”Tobi’s ultimate plan for world domination, which seems to involve using Sasuke Uchiha to synchronize with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, which holds seven of the nine tailed beasts gathered by Akatsuki.””

He’s going to project his Mangekyou Sharingan on to the moon and use it to cover the world in an Infinite Tsukuyomi (Mugen Tsukuyomi) giving him the ultimate power to control everyone in the world! This guy is one B.A.M.F. if you ask me.

In Naruto Chapter 565, Naruto and Bee will be facing Tobi and the six “”revived”” Jinchuuriki with their Bijuu namely; Nii Yugito and Nibi, Yagura and Sanbi, Roushi and Yonbi, Han and Gobi, Utakata and Rokub, and Fuu with her Shichibi.

I’m not sure yet if Naruto Chapter 565 will also be released earlier next week. If not, most probably Naruto Chapter 565 release date will be on Wednesday or Thursday.



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