Read Naruto Chapter 568 – The Four Tails: The Sage King of the Apes

Naruto Chapter 568 is now available to read. Naruto 568 is entitled The Four Tails: The Sage of King of the Apes. You can read Naruto chapter 568 here.


Naruto Manga 568 is focused more on the Eight-Tails who has a proper name, and he’s called Son Goku. Remember Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z? They seem to have a common thing. The Eight-Tails is an Ape and Son Goku from DBZ is also an Ape (or at least he turns in to one.) hehehe

I though the Nine-Tails will actually help or do something to rescue Naruto. But in the end, he was just patiently waiting for something to happen. I bet Kurama was expecting this to happen, that Naruto will eventually encounter Son and talk to him. Or perhaps he was not.

Naruto showed his kind heart to Son Goku, that’s why he got Son’s attention. Son wants Naruto to undo his chains or to release him. I think Naruto will release Son but will Son help Naruto and keep his words?

I was thinking if Naruto undo his chain, what will happen then? Will the Eight-Tails be transferred to Naruto or will Naruto have control over him? This is actually interesting. What if all the Bijuu pledge allegiance to Naruto instead of Tobi?

And can Naruto really end the hatred in Kurama?”



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