Naruto Chapter 569: Prove Your Will is now available!

Naruto Chapter 569 is now available. Naruto Manga 569 is entitled Prove Your Will. In this chapter Naruto teams up with the four-tails or Son Goku. Naruto asks Son how he can stop Tobi from controlling the tailed beasts.


Naruto is still stuck inside Son Goku and his trying to open Son’s mouth but it would budge. It’s still hard for the tailed beast to trust Naruto and the other Jinchuriki. But for Naruto it doesn’t matter. He will just continue with what he is doing.

Naruto made a Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, forcing Son to vomit and spit Naruto out. Now Naruto needs to remove the piece of rod that was implanted in Son’s chest. The one like in Nagato’s six path of pain.

But according to Tobi, it’s a different type of bondage and it has a strong attachment, binding everything it touches. From this point on, Naruto is working both from the inside and outside to remove the binding.

Kurama or the Nine Tailed Beast is talking to himself. Waiting for Naruto to prove himself that he is worthy of their (the tailed beasts) trust. I think it won’t be long now until Naruto will gain Kurama’s trust and the other tailed beast.

If that happens, Naruto would gain a huge level up in his powers! Again Naruto Chapter 569 is available. You can now read Naruto Chapter 569 in popular manga sites.

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