Read Naruto Chapter 573: The Path Toward Radiance

Published on February 2nd, 2012

Naruto Chapter 573 should definitely be an exciting chapter. Now that the 5 tailed beast and the Jinchuuriki has acknowledge and entrusted Naruto with their powers, can Naruto finally be able to stop or defeat Tobi? Will we see finally see some action between Naruto and Tobi in Naruto Chapter 573?


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 573 is now available! You can read Naruto 573 in popular manga sites.
UPDATE 2: Sasuke has finally appeared again in this chapter! Carnage is about to begin in the battlefield! Woohoo!
UPDATE 3: Again Sasuke appearance is just a teaser!

During the last chapter, Naruto was able to deflect the five tailed beast’s Bijuu dama and he was also able to remove the rod controlling the tailed beast. Naruto was able to go deeper and talked not only to the tailed beasts but also to the Jinchuurikis.

We also learned that the names of the tailed beast are as follows:
1 Tail – Shukaku
2 Tails – Matatabi
3 Tails – Isobu
4 Tails – Son Gokuu
5 Tails – Kokuou
6 Tails – Saiken
7 Tails – Choumei
8 Tails – Gyuuki
9 Tails – Kurama

Although I’m not really sure if the one who named them is Rikudo Senin. But it looks like the old guy was the one who took care of the 9 tailed beast when they were still little beasts.

I’m not really sure what happened when the tailed beasts tapped Naruto’s hand but I think they all gave some of their chakras or powers to Naruto. This could get very exciting. Naruto could finally have the power to defeat Tobi.

Naruto 573 is not available yet. But it’s expected to be released by next week Wednesday. Can’t wait already!


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