Naruto Chapter 576 Spoiler: Sasuke and Itachi meets again?

Naruto Chapter 576 is the next exciting chapter. During the last Naruto manga chapter, we are back at Edo Tensei Madara fighting the five Kage. The fight was focused more on Madara and Onoki.


Onoki displayed his awesome power and his strong will, like a stone, to fight and defeat Madara. But I don’t think they can defeat Madara. It’s too soon. Perhaps the story will be prolonged.

Another mystery was unfold when the face of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, was seen on Madara’s chest. We know that Madara and Senju were enemies back then but What could that possibly mean? Could Madara somehow acquired Senju’s power?

We also saw some interesting scene during the last chapters. Sasuke and Itachi unexpectedly crossed path! Sasuke was taking the grounds while Itachi was jumping from one tree to another. Sasuke saw Itachi, but did Itachi noticed Naruto? Will they finally have a fight or will these be another teaser?!

Can’t wait for Naruto 576 to be released! Naruto Chapter 576 spoiler is currently not available. Come back soon!

By the way, Naruto Manga is licensed by Viz Media, please do support Naruto Manga series by buying the original chapters once they are available in your region.

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