Naruto Chapter 581: Everyone’s Konoha

Naruto Chapter 581 is up next. Sasuke and Itachi were having difficulty fighting Kabuto because of his new found powers, the Sage Mode. The Uchiha brothers united and “”teamed-up”” like they used to hunt a wild boar, but this time the beast is Kabuto. Naruto Chapter 581 spoiler is not yet available.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 581 is available. It is entitle Everyone’s Leaf (Konoha). The battle between Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto continues.

In the previous chapter Kabuto unleashed his Hermit Mode and unleashed Senpou-Hakugeki No Jutsu on Sasuke and Itachi. A dragon appeared (like in Dragon Ball Z) and attacked the brothers. Kabuto unleashed one powerful technique after another and they could not even catch him.

Itachi new they needed a plan, so they hunt Kabuto just like the old days when they (Sasuke and Itachi) were hunting a wild boar. Both the brothers activated their Susano and planned their attack and defense carefully.

Itachi managed to slash Kabuto, but only his horn. No significant damage at all. But this proves that with their brotherly team work they can defeat Kabuto somehow.

Naruto Chapter 581 will reveal more of Sasuke and Itachi’s brotherly bond. Will they be able to stop Kabuto and the Edo Tensei? Let’s find out in Naruto 581. I will update this post once Naruto Chapter 581 spoiler is available. And once Naruto Chapter 581 is available.



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