Naruto Chapter 583: Who is This?

Naruto Chapter 583 is the next Naruto manga chapter after the previous chapter entitled “”(Itachi’s Secret Plan is) Nothing“”. Nothing much happened during the previous chapter. Most of them were flashback of Kabuto’s childhood life. But I’ll share you what I think happened during the previous chapter. Naruto Chapter 583 spoiler is still not available as of the moment.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 583 is now available. It is entitled Who is this?

During the previous chapter, Itachi allegedly unleashed Izanami, a secret and forbidden technique similar to Izanagi. Like what Itachi said, Izanami is a technique that decides your destiny.

Kabuto executed Hermit Technique Muki Tensei which altered the flooring and ceiling of the cave. Fortunately Itachi was able to save Sasuke using Susanoo but in return Itachi was impaled and trapped. Kabuto was about to “”rewrite”” Itachi, but Sasuke used Amaterasu to stop Kabuto.

Now here starts what I think is an important move that Itachi made. Itachi and Kabuto started conversing. First Itachi was talking about his past and how knowing one self helped him understand himself and become better. Then Kabuto also started talking about his past which took most of the remaining pages in the previous chapter.

Kabuto was talking about his early childhood life and how hard his life was back then. Without nothing at all and without knowing anything, he crave to find answers that he was looking for. He had nothing from the very beginning.

Now, my theory is, if Itachi REALLY cast Izanami, did it somehow affect their conversation or something. Was Kabuto already fallen under the jutsu Izanami without noticing it? Honestly speaking, it’s hard to tell what Izanami can actually do to a person being cast onto when Itachi just said “”decides someones destiny””.

Let’s find out in the Naruto 583 when it is released. Again, Naruto 583 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll update this post once new information comes up, or when Naruto manga 583 is released.



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