Naruto Chapter 584: Kabuto Yakushi

Naruto Chapter 584 is the next chapter in Naruto Shippuden manga series. Naruto 584 spoiler is not available yet. And Naruto manga 584 will be released by Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto 584 is now available. It is entitled Kabuto Yakushi. It’s a continuation of Kabuto’s life story and how he wind up with Orochimaru. It was just delayed for a few days. (And not a week)

During the last episode of Naruto manga, it was all about Kabuto’s past. Nothing much really happened. Just a whole chapter dedicated to Kabuto’s life story, how he began as a spy and how his “”mother”” got hurt/killed by himself.

Kabuto was surprised that even his “”mother”” did not recognize him. He suddenly became an unknown person to the leaf village. But it was Orochimaru who came into his side and remembered him. Perhaps, at the point, that is were everything started. That event changed Kabuto and turned him into something what he is now.

We will find out more about Kabuto’s past in Naruto 584. I’ll try to post Naruto manga 584 spoiler once it is available.

By the way, out of curiosity, did Itachi really executed Izanami? Perhaps this whole history of Kabuto has got something to do with him executing Izanami, and Kabuto fell right into Itachi’s trap.

Anyway let’s just find out on Naruto 584 when it comes out.

UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 584 release date will be next week due to some “”event”” in Japan. I’m not sure about this info yet. But I’m still confirming this at the moment whether Naruto 584 release date will be on the first week of May.



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