Naruto Chapter 585: So That I Can Be Myself

Naruto Chapter 585 is the next chapter in Naruto manga series. Still continuing the life story of Kabuto and how he end up with Orochimaru. Naruto 585 spoiler is not yet available. Last week’s jump was delayed for a few days. Hopefully it will resume this week.


UPDATE: At long last, after a few days of waiting, Naruto 585 is now available. It is entitled “”So That I Can Be Myself.”” We are back to Kabuto vs Itachi and Sasuke

During the last chapter, we witnessed how Orochimaru convinced Kabuto to join him. Orochimaru’s goal is his never ending search for perfection and ultimate power. While Kabuto is searching for himself. Kabuto has been experimenting on himself, like Orochimaru.

In the end it was Kabuto who surpassed Orochimaru and gained the power of the sage, and became the dragon. I’m not really sure now if Kabuto is stronger than Orochimaru now that he has gained the power of the white sage.

I don’t know with you guys, but I’m a little bored with all these flash backs and history. I wonder what happened to Naruto and Madara. I wonder what happened to the 7 Kage. Hope Itachi and Sasuke would stop Kabuto soon so that we’ll get back to Naruto and the others.

Anyway, Naruto Chapter 585 will be released within this week, hopefully. But Naruto 585 spoiler is currently unavailable.



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