Naruto Chapter 586 Izanami is Released!

Published on May 16th, 2012

Naruto Chapter 586 is the next chapter in Naruto Shippuden Manga series. And things got even messier by the page. Naruto 586 spoiler is not yet available. Meanwhile, I’ll share to you my predictions or what I think would happen next.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 586 in now released. Naruto 586 is entitled Izanami is Released!

During the last chapter, in the first page, we could saw that Kabuto prepared to tag Itachi so that he could control him again. Unfortunately for Kabuto, Itachi was finally able to crack Kabuto’s hard outer shell and finally reached him beneath his scales.

Itachi somehow was successful in making Kabuto feel that what he was doing is not really the path to find and know one’s self. You can see that in the last page of the last chapter were Kabuto cried.

Kabuto threw evey powerful technique he had to finish the Uchiha brother. Thanks to Sasuke’s Amaterasu they were able to block Kabuto’s attack. Finally Kabuto saw an opening and tried to strike Itachi.

Itachi starts Izanami… Then suddenly Kabuto slashes Itachi in half! When I first so that page, I said to myself, WTF! Did Itachi really died again?

Here are two predictions that I think might happen:

1. Itachi was able to successfully execute Izanami and we would definitely survive being cut into half. I do not know how he will survive, but hey, it’s Itachi. He can survive anything and he is dead anyway.

Kabuto cried, meaning part of him had already failed. Edo Tensei would probably be stop and the Kages saved from Madara. If the Edo Tensei stops, does that mean it would also be the end of Itachi’s Edo?

2. Itachi really dies again and it’s up to Sasuke to stop Kabuto. Although this is a lame prediction.

We could expect this and that to happen but when Naruto Chapter 586 is released, we might find ourselves a different outcome. Anyway, Naruto 586 could probably be the chapter of Izanami since, this technique was not fully revealed yet.

Once again Naruto 586 spoiler is not yet available. I will post update once spoiler or Naruto 586 is released.


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