Naruto Chapter 587: At 9…

Naruto Chapter 587 is up next and it seems Itachi will finally defeat Kabuto with his Izanami released. Naruto Chapter 587 spoiler is not yet available but I’ll try to post once I found one. Meanwhile here’s a quick recap of what had happen and my Naruto 587 predictions.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 587 is now available! It is entitled “”At 9…””. Itachi explains concept behind Izanami

Some of us where shock when Kabuto slashed Itachi into half. Some of us thought that it was the end of Itachi but it was the other way around. Before Kabuto was able to slice Itachi into half, he was able to released Izanami.

At first you would not notice it but, Kabuto is trap in an endless loop Itachi made. Everytime Kabuto tries to slice or pierce Itachi, he turns into crows and then slices Kabuto’s horn. The same thing that happened in the previous chapters.

At first Kabuto was not able to realize it but in the last pages of the chapter he could not believe that he had been affected by Itachi’s Izanami. Kabuto was trap in an endless loop. And it seems that had no choice but to surrender.

So basically, Izanami puts you into an illusion whereby your options are removed and you are left with only one option, and that option is dependent to the one who cast Izanami, IMHO.

My prediction is Kabuto will be left with no choice but to surrender and stop Edo Tensei. If this will happen, the five Kage will be saved from Madara’s wrath. But it’s really too early to conclude. Perhaps a twist in the story might happen. Tobi is still there!

Anyway, let’s just wait for Naruto 587 spoiler to come out, our better yet, let’s wait for Naruto 587 to come out.



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