Naruto Chapter 589 Edo Tensei’s Release

Naruto Chapter 589 is the next chapter in Naruto Shippuden Manga series. Itachi has finally stopped Kabuto. The only thing to do next is to stop the Edo Tensei. Itachi must get the information from Kabuto on how to stop the Edo Tensei, or Madara will continue his rampage. Naruto Chapter 589 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll post it soon if it becomes available. I’ll post updates to once Naruto 589 is released.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 589 is now available! It is entitled Edo Tensei’s Release. You can start reading Naruto 589 on popular manga sites.

Itachi, while still using his Sharingan and Kabuto is still under Izanami, tries to learn from Kabuto how to stop the Edo Tensei.

Meanwhile the five Kage are still struggling to fight Madara. Their strength is slowly depleting, while Madara isn’t even breaking a sweat. They were about to give up.

Good thing Oonoki is still there. He encouraged the other four Kages not to give up, and stand up and fight! The five Kage then regroups, synchronized their fighting style and Oonoki used a technique that could damage Madara.

But Madara is still not done. He is going to show his full power and unleashed the Perfect Susanoo! The fight is now really burning!

My Naruto 589 prediction:
Before Madara could really use the full power of his perfect Susanoo and wipe out the five Kage, Itachi might have already learned the secret to stopping the Edo Tensei. Itachi then stops the Edo Tensei and Madara. And the Five Kage are saved. The remaining and final enemy would only be “”Tobi””.

Naruto 589 spoiler or raw scans will come out 24 hours before the chapter is released. Hopefully Naruto 589 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

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