Naruto Chapter 592 – Madara is immortal?!

Naruto Chapter 592 is up next. And just when we thought everything is done for and finally the nightmare has ended, Madara has more tricks under his sleeves. Madara actually defied Edo Tensei and actually knows more about it than Kabuto does. How will the Kages defeat Madara now? Naruto 592 is expected to be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning and Naruto chapter 592 spoiler or raw scans usually comes out 24 hours before the chapter comes out.


Image credit: Deviant Artist NinjaMia

During the previous chapter, Itachi finally bid farewell to his brother and we saw the last of him. We also saw the other Edo Tenseis disappearing from this world and finally put to rest.

But Madara refused to disappear from this world and tried to attack the Kage and Tsunade one more time. Tsunade was almost done for, luckily his knight in shining armor came, Dan, and rescued here.

Dan bid his farewell to Tsunade at the same time recovering some of her chakra. But to our surprise Madara is still alive, whole body, standing there preparing for another attack.

Unfortunately for Kabuto and the rest, there is one risk when using Edo Tensei and Madara seemed to know what that risk is! And now they got another big problem and that is Madara Uchiha himself, again!

My Naruto 592 prediction:

The Kage will have another round of beating from Madara… again. I’m not sure who will stop Madara now, but he did mention that the only one who can stop him is Hashirama Senju himself. Unfortunately his gone a long time ago. But his descendant Tsunade is there. If Tsunade could unlock some hidden powers, since she is a direct descendant of Hashirama, they might stand a chance against Madara and finally seal him for good.

Naruto and Bee are busy fighting Tobi so most probably they can’t help the Kages. It’s up to the 5 Kage to stop and defeat Madara. Can’t wait for Naruto chapter 592 to come out.

I will update this post once Naruto 592 spoiler is out of Naruto chapter 592 itself is out. Stay tuned!



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