Naruto Chapter 593: Orochimaru’s Revival

Naruto chapter 593 is up next. Sasuke is up to something, will it be for the sake of the village? Does Sasuke knows how to defeat Madara? Naruto 593 spoiler or raw scans is not yet available, and chapter 593 will most probably be released the usual time. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto Chap 593 is now available. This chapter is entitled Orochimaru’s Revival. Is Sasuke going to revive Orochimaru for the sake of the village?

Madara seemed to fully recovered, and he is no longer at Edo Tensei state. The cracks on his skin also disappeared and he seemed to be alive again! This is big trouble for the 5 Kage. Madara do not want to unleash the perfect Susanoo again. Tsk! Madara’s pride.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Bee are struggling to fight Tobi. But Tobi will do something big in the following chapter. “”Here comes the promised time””? What does he mean by that? He’s going to summon something big!

Good thing Sasuke’s friends were able to find the scroll that holds the key in defeating Madara. Sasuke will be going to Orochimaru. What?! I though he was dead?! But no! Orochimaru has more than 9 lives and perhaps he has perfected the technique that would enable him to survive from one form to another.

Image by: Deviant artist TheSaigo

But the last page of the previous chapter confused me somehow. I thought Sasuke was referring to Orochimaru as the person who knows everything. But why do I get the feeling that Tobi also knows everything. And even Madara seemed to know something too.

Anyway, can’t wait for Naruto chapter 593 to be released. The succeeding chapters are going to be epic! I will update this post once Naruto 593 spoilers will be available or Naruto chapter 593 will be released. Stay tuned!



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