Naruto Chapter 594: The Progenitor

Naruto Chapter 594 is now availablenext chapter in Naruto manga series. Sasuke departs with Orochimaru, Shuigetsu and Jugo, the new unexpected four man team. Naruto 594 spoiler is not yet available. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 594 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Progenitor. The releasing was just delayed somehow. Anyway, we are back to were Naruto and Tobi were. You can now begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Sasuke revived Orochimaru. Did Orochimaru really “”died”” or just stayed hidden? Reviving was so easy. Anyway, Orochimaru seemed to be aware of what’s going around so no need for Sasuke to explain everything.

Good thing that Orochimaru cooperated with Sasuke, despite the fact that he was betrayed by Sasuke. He seemed to be a good guy for now, helping Sasuke with his quest.

But I do wonder, what did Sasuke meant by “”only Orochimaru can do it””. And where could be this place that Sasuke knows very well? And who are they meeting?

Well most probably, there are going to Konoha, and the person they are going to meet? Hmmm.. I have no idea or clue at all. Let’s just find out in Naruto chapter 594.

Naruto 594 spoiler or raw scans will usually be out by Tuesday (Monday for USA time zone) if Naruto Chatper 594 will be released by Wednesday (Tuesday for USA time zone. So stay tuned! I’ll update this post once updates are available.



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