Naruto Chapter 596 – One Jutsu

Naruto chapter 596 is the next chapter after the beginning of an epic battle between Tobi vs Naruto, Guy and Kakashi. Things are really heating up. But Even with the combined attacks of Naruto, Guy and Kakashi, still they couldn’t land a hit on Tobi. What could be Tobi’s weakness? Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 596 is now available. This chapter is entitled One Jutsu. You can now read this chapter online in popular manga sites.

Naruto, Guy and Kakashi begun attacking Tobi. They tried different approach but Tobi keeps on dodging their attacks. Tobi de-materialize himself so that all of Naruto’s physical attack would only pass through his body. Tobi’s technique makes him look like that he is invincible and can not be touched.

But there is one flaw to his technique. He can’t attack Naruto or any of them not unless he materializes himself. When that happens, Tobi becomes vulnerable to physical attacks.

Naruto’s last attack almost hit Tobi’s face, unfortunately he was able to dodge Naruto’s punch within split seconds. But a small crack appeared on his mask showing that they are almost able to hit Tobi.

Personally, I think Tobi is not really that powerful compared to Madara’s power. He’s also playing safe by de-materializing himself so that they could not land a hit on him. But I’m pretty positive that Naruto and the others will find a way to break Tobi’s mask off his face.

There’s one thing I did not understand though, when Kakashi tried to cut of the “”vessel’s”” head with his Sharingan, nothing happened. It went back to normal again.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to know who this Tobi-character really is. Can’t wait for Naruto 596 to be released. I’ll post update once Naruto 596 spoiler or raw scans is available or Naruto chapter 596 is released. Stay tuned!



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