Naruto Chapter 597: The Secret of Space-Time Ninjutsu

Naruto Chapter 597 is up next. We are only a few chapters left before Tobi’s real identity is revealed. Meanwhile Kakashi has already discovered Tobi’s secret. Kakashi found out what jutsu Tobi is using. Tobi’s Jutsu will be revealed in Naruto 597. Meanwhile…


UPDATE2: Naruto chapter 597 was released earlier than we expect it to be. This chapter is entitled The Secret of Space-Time Ninjutsu. We are very close in discovering who Tobi really is!

I couldn’t help thinking that Kakashi somehow had an idea who Tobi really is. Kakashi was familiar with the Jutsu Tobi was using and somehow it might be similar to Kakashi’s technique.

Kakashi’s plan on letting Naruto’s rasengan sustain and wait for Tobi to materialize himself again, worked. Tobi got a direct hit on his right shoulder.

Now that they know Tobi’s dirty little trick, it wo’t be difficult now to crack his mask off his face and reveal his true identity. I’m just curious what’s the name of Tobi’s Jutsu. Any idea?

It’s good to know that Tobi isn’t that all powerful or untouchable, unlike Madara. My guess is Tobi’s real identity will be revealed anytime soon, any chapter this month. Do you believe that Tobi is Obito?

Naruto chapter 597 spoiler or raw scans are not available yet. I’ll post update soon once spoilers are available or Naruto 597 is available.

BTW, I suggest you check out this article: Tobi’s Identity Revealed! An Interview with Masashi Kishimoto



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