Naruto Chapter 598: Into Pieces!!! – Released

Naruto chapter 598 is up next, and it’s expected to be an epic chapter, since we are in the climax of the Great Ninja War. Kakashi was able to discover and explained the secret to Tobi’s jutsu. Finally Naruto can crush Tobi’s mask. Naruto 598 was not released this week since we had it just recently. It will be released next week by 8/21 perhaps. Meanwhile…


UPDATE2: Naruto 598 is now available. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites. This chapter is entitled Into Pieces!!!

UPDATE: Itachi Nguyen posted a spoiler for this chapter:

Kakashi wonders whether Tobi is Obito or not.
Guy and Kakashi comes up with a plan, and uses Kamui to fly Naruto’s Kage-bunshin to Tobi, and shatters his mask.
Kakashi’s chakra is almost at its limit.
They hit the mask with Rasengan, and…. end of chap.

Image credit: Deviant artist Poch0010

Kakashi was able to fully unraveled the secret to Tobi’s justu. It’s not complicated as we though it was. It’s just one jutsu that lets him move some part of this body to another dimension. Tobi is not transparent. He just escapes a portion or whole of his body to this other dimension. Naruto was able to hit Tobi with his Rasengan because Kakashi sent Naruto’s Rasengan to the same dimension. And when Tobi returned, kaboom!

The last chapter also gave us a hint as to who Tobi really is. Kakashi’s eye technique were similar to Tobi. Kakashi already had an idea who Tobi is! Does it mean that the theory “”Tobi is Obito”” could be a real? Or Tobi got the eyes from someone else? Ahh! This is really confusing, but I’m pretty sure Tobi’s identity will be revealed soon when Naruto smashes his mask off.

BTW, does anyone have an idea about the fight at the Kannabe bridge Tobi mentioned? The Hero with the Sharingan? Who was it? and Who where there at the event?

Naruto chapter 598 will be released by next week. August 20-21. I’ll try to find Naruto 598 spoilers or raw scans. But I’ll definitely update this page once Naruto chapter 598 is released. stay tuned!



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