Naruto Chapter 600: How Come Until Now? (Released)

Naruto chapter 600 is up next. Last chapter was, I don’t know, a mind blowing chapter? We found out that Tobi is really Obito, with one Sharingan eye and the other is Rinnegan eye. If he is really Obito, what made him change and is it really for revenge? Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto 600 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”How com Until Now…?”” So is he really Obito? Find out in this chapter. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credits: Original artist Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Tremblaxx

Naruto Chapter 600

Not much to talk about the last chapter except that we found out that Tobi is really Obito. There are many fans who were upset / disappointed that Tobi turned out to be Obito. Were you disappointed?

If you look at it, you can summarize the whole previous chapter into one page only. And that page is the last page of the chapter. We are hoping that Kishi would reveal more information if he is really the “”real”” Obito in Naruto chapter 600. I have some questions, and some of these questions might also be your questions. Questions like:

1. Is he really the real Obito?
2. How did Obito survive?
3. How did Obito knew Madara and vice versa?
4. How come he has Rinnegan eyes?
5. Is this revenge for what had happened to him?
6. Was Obito brainwashed? By Madara perhaps?

I really hope some of the questions above will be answered in Naruto 600. And I just hope that Kishi would not troll us by shifting the scene to Sasuke and leave us hanging and wondering what happened next.

Naruto chapter 600 is supposed to be an epic chapter, or a “”revelation chapter””, as many of the readers are thinking it that way. But the revelation happened earlier than expected.

I’ll post updates once Naruto 600 becomes available. Hopefully they won’t be on a week break. Stay tuned!



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