Naruto Chapter 604: Meet again, and then… (Released)

Naruto chapter 604 is up next. Obito just had a chance to escape and save Kakashi and Obito from the battle field. But we all know already that Obito won’t be able to save Kakashi and Rin, since Rin died already and Kakashi didn’t knew that Obito was still alive. what could probably happened next? Find out in Naruto 604.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 604 is now available. It was released earlier than expected. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist IITheYahikoDarkII

Naruto 604 Spoiler

Naruto 604 spoiler is not yet available. I don’t usually post fan made spoilers since they tend to be inaccurate and there are based on their own predictions. But it doesn’t mean its not fun to read fan made spoilers. Anyway, Naruto chapter 604 spoiler is expected to be released 1 day before the chapter is released. But I think we all have an idea what will happen next.

Naruto chapter 604 Prediction

One of the Zetsu, that had a face the looks like one of Obito’s mask, was kind enough to lend his body so that Obito could go out. If Obito will be able to get out in Naruto 604 to save Kakashi and Rin, how come Rin died and Kakashi didn’t have the slightest idea that Obito is still alive?

Below are some of my theories to what had happened next:
1. Obito was not able to get out! And was controlled by the Zetsu.
2. Obito did get out but he did not make it in time. Instead he witnessed how “”Kakashi let Rin died””. This made him mad and turned crazy. He returned to Madara and was convinced of Madara’s plan to undo the current world they live in.
3. I’m not really sure about this theory since I do not know who killed Rin during that event. I was thinking that Rin was killed by Obito himself while he was inside the Zetsu’s body. Although this theory is far-out since I have no idea who killed Rin. But just want to share this one.

Obito Shippuden Chapter 604… Err I mean Naruto chapter 604 is expected to be released by Tuesday or Wednesday. Let’s find out more what really happened in the next chapter when it comes out. I’ll post update when spoiler or Naruto 604 comes out. Stay tuned!



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