Naruto Chapter 608: Kakashi’s Decision (released)

Naruto Chapter 608 is now available.—– The day has come for Kakashi to face Obito, and for Naruto to face Madara. One Sharingan eye, used by two different Shinobis, who will win? The more experienced, but felt-sorry Kakashi, or Tobi, who is drowned in anger, hatred and revenge? Find out in Naruto chapter 608.


UPDATE2: See Naruto Chapter 609
UPDATE: Naruto 608 is now available after a week break. This chapter is entitled Kakashi’s Decision. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credit: Original artist Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Kasukiii

Naruto chapter 608 Release Date

Naruto is on a week break. Shucks! Why do you have to prolong out agony Kishi?! Naruto 608 release date will be after Halloween (most probably).

Naruto chapter 608 Prediction

Naruto is struggling to fight Madara with all his powers. Meanwhile Madara is using both his powers plus some of Hashirama’s powers. That’s kind of cheesy for Madara for borrowing someone else’s powers.

Madara unleashed Hashirama’s Wood Dragon to capture the Kyubii. But I don’t think that will work. You see, Hashirama was successful in defeating the Kyubi before because Kurama did not knew Naruto before. Now that Kurama and Naruto teamed up, I’m sure they are both much stronger than before and won’t easily be beaten. But Madara has many tricks left under his sleeves.

Meanwhile the final battle of Kakashi vs Tobi is about to begin. This isn’t just any battle like good vs evil. But this is a battle about their past. Most probably, if Tobi will fight Kakashi in Naruto 608, Kakashi will reveal what really happened on that day when he killed Rin.

Tobi’s reason to fight is not that strong. And I think Kakashi will win against Tobi. Tobi might learn the truth later and perhaps it could change his heart and help stop Madara.

What do you think guys?

Naruto 608 Spoiler

Naruto 608 spoiler is not yet available. If confirmed spoilers will be released, it will be after Halloween since it’s on a week break, sadly…

I’ll post updates soon, or when Naruto chapter 608 is released. Stay tuned!



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