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Naruto Chapter 628 – Here and From Now On (Released)

Naruto chapter 628 was recently released! is the just around the corner. This is the chapter that we have all been waiting for. The chapter where Naruto will meet Sasuke and his father again. The chapter were Madara will face Hashirama, and where the other previous hokage will get a taste of action again. Things are really heating up, what will happen next? Let’s find out in Naruto chapter 628.


UPDATE: Naruto 628 was recently released. This chapter is entitled Here and From Now On. The fierce battle continues!

naruto chapter 628Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Szolyci

Naruto Chapter 628 Spoiler / Prediction

Hashirama was successful in convincing Sasuke to their cause and stop Madara once and for all. It looks like Sasuke does not want to destroy Konoha anymore. Instead, he wants to protect it, like what his brother Itachi did. Like what I said in my previous review, 4 strongest zombies, 3 monsters, 1 idiot and 1 coward is going to the battle field.

I’m sure fighting will not occur immediately once they arrive in the battlefield. Naruto will meet his father Minato and his long lost friend Sasuke again. I’m sure they will have a little chit chat first. But I’m not sure what will Sasuke do to Naruto by then.

Hashirama will most probably face Madara since he is the only one who is powerful enough to stop and defeat Madara. Since both of them are in Edo Tensei state, I think it’s just a fare match.

Most probably Obito will have to deal with Naruto and/or Sasuke. Tobirama, Sarutobi and Minato might try and stop the Juubi together with the other Shinobi. It’s time to see some real action in the next succeeding chapters.

I don’t have much to say, as I am really excited to see the next chapter as well. And hope we won’t have breaks anytime soon, not unless this whole saga is finished.

I’ll try to post confirmed Naruto 628 spoilers if ever I found one. Or if ever you encounter a confirmed spoiler please do share it via the comment section below.

I’ll update this post once Naruto chapter 628 is released. Stay tune!



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