One Piece 678: Inside the Lab, Lobby of Building A

One Piece 678 is up next and the counter attack will begin. A new alliance has been formed for a common goal. Caesar got away, but all the characters gathered inside to escape the poisonous gas. But wait, didn’t they cut a whole in the wall? The gas could still get in. One Piece 678 will be released by next week probably August 20-21. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: One Piece 678 is now available. This chapter is entitled Inside the Lab, Lobby of Building A. You can now begin reading this chapter online.

Luffy and the rest easily escaped the cage. They were not really in danger. They were just waiting for the right time to escape. The smoke from the fire helped them to escape. Law also freed the two others. For the meantime, those who were trapped in the cage formed a temporary alliance.

In the far side, a new alliance was also being formed between the Pirates. I’m not sure how will their alliance go but this cloud be trouble.

The rest was able to get inside the Lab to escape the gas. But since they cut a whole in the wall, the gas could still reach them. They better cover it or they will still be in danger.

I’m interested to see what Luffy and the others will do next and how will their counter attack look like. Let’s find out on One Piece 687 when it is released. I’ll update this post once spoilers or the chapter itself is released. stay tuned!



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  1. It’s chapter 678. Check uout

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