One Piece Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance

One Piece Chapter 668 is next, and Law seems to have a shocking proposal, to take down one of the four emperors! One Piece 668 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll try to post update soon.


UPDATE: One Piece Chapter 668 is now available. It is entitled Pirate Alliance!

Meanwhile, a lot of crazy things happened in the previous chapter. Luffy and Franky was fighting the Yeti Cool Brothers to get back Nami. Law comes in and joins the fight.

Now Law’s crazy plan is to take up one of the four Emperors. Perhaps his planning to take them one by one according to who is weaker first. I’m not sure yet if his planning to go for Yonkou first or Kaidou. Nevertheless, the strongest of the four emperors will be the last one to be taken down.

One Piece 668 will be released by Wednesday or Thursday. And most probably One Piece Chapter 668 spoiler will be released a day before the whole chapter is released.



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