One Piece Chapter 669 Begin Strategy

One Piece Chapter 669 is up next. And as usual it keeps getting more and more interesting. Last chapter a huge large creature appeared and something big is about to happen. One Piece Chapter 669 spoiler will come out any time soon.


UPDATE: One Piece 669 is now available. It is entitled Begin Strategy. You can read this chapter on popular manga sites. Remember to support One Piece manga by buying the official volumes when they are available on your region.

Luffy accepted Laws offer and formed a pirate alliance. Franky and Chopper were returned to their original bodies, except for Nami. Now the question is who will be their first target?

And whats with the Punk Hazard giant Slime creature!

Anyway, One Piece 669 spoiler or raw scans will come out later today or tomorrow, and One Piece 669 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, hopefully if without any delays.



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