One Piece Chapter 672 – My Name is Kinemon!

One Piece chapter 672 is up next. And Luffy is in trouble! After a furious battle between Luffy and Caesar, Caesar has managed to knockout Luffy with his poisonous gas. Luffy is in trouble, and who’s going to help him? One Piece 672 spoiler is not yet available. Usually it’s 24 hours before the chapter is released. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: One Piece 672 is now available! This chapter is entitled My Name is Kinemon!. I though it would be released by next week. I guess You can now begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

After, Caesar knocked Luffy out with his poisonous gas, the smokers seemed to be shock and concerned at what had happened to Luffy. Will they help him or is this the end of Luffy? Most probably not! I mean, he’s the main character in this story.

The scene changed to a suffering Law with a Harpy. Someone emerges from the dark background. Law is in pain and he is definitely in trouble. It looks like Law knew who this guy is. What could be his intentions or motive? Let’s find out in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 672 Release Date

I’m not sure if the information is correct, but some reports say that there will be no One Piece 672 this week, as the manga is in a one week break. But I haven’t confirmed that information yet. Anyway, if that’s not true, One Piece chapter 672 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. And One Piece 672 spoilers or raw scans will be released a day before the chapter is released.



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