One Piece Chapter 674: The Bystanders

One Piece chapter 674 is fast approaching! Luffy, Smoker and others were captured by Vergo. How can they escape? One Piece 674 spoiler or raw scans will come out soon. And the chapter will be released at the usual time. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: One Piece chapter 674 is now available. This chapter is entitled the Bystanders. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Vergo was one of Joker’s after all! Now why didn’t I think about that in the first place. Vergo felt that Smoker and Tashigi know too much about his secret. He is planning to execute them so that his secret will not come out. But I’m guessing that Luffy and the others will bust out soon and escape Vergo somehow. When that happens Vergo’s secret might be spilled.

Vergo seemed to be concern about Caesar’s whereabouts too. His not sure what Caesar is planning now that his pet is awakened. This is getting exciting.

One Piece chapter 674 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. While One Piece 674 spoiler will most probably be out by Tuesday. Stay tuned! I’ll update this post once they become available.



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