One Piece Chapter 675: It’s Name is Shinokuni

One Piece Chapter 675 is up next and more and more enemies seemed to be appearing one by one. One after another, Oh men, everything seemed to be messed up in the new world. One Piece 675 spoiler will come out a day before the chapter is released. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: At last, One Piece Chapter 675 is now available. This chapter is entitled “It’s Name is Shinokuni. You can now begin reading this chapter online.

Caesar is manipulating giant children to do his will. It seemed that his more difficult to capture than expected. Caesar can manipulate even the air around him. He can turn his body into air. Unfortunately Caesar was able to escape after a furious battle.

In another part of the New World, a dark forces are plotting something sinister and evil. Who are they and are they going to use and unleash genocide weapons in the New World?

Luffy and the other are still captured and unable to escape. I thought they are going to bust out in this chapter. Oh well, perhaps in the succeeding chapters they will escape.

Let’s find out in One Piece chapter 675. Hopefully One Piece 675 spoiler will be available a day before the chapter is released. And, by the way, there will be no One Piece manga this week. The series is perhaps on a one week break again. According to the second to the last page, “it will restart from issue 35”. So One Piece chapter 675 release date is probably by next week.



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