One Piece Chapter 677: Counter Hazard

One Piece Chapter 677 is next, and looks like Caesar is very happy with the events that is happening. His new weapon of mass destruction a.k.a Smiley ate the “candy” that turned it into what Caesar calls “Shinokuni”. What will happen now to the island? Luffy and his gang (and everybody) is facing extinction, how will they escape? Find out in One Piece 677. Meanwhile…


UPDATE2: One Piece 677 was released sooner than we expected it to be. It’s now available. This chapter is entitled Counter Hazard. You can start reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Caesar succeeded with his plans. He turned the giant smile called Smiley into a weapon of mass destruction. I though it was some sort of a giant explosion, but it was a giant deadly gas that turned everything into solid after it has been inhaled or just even it touches you. Caesar is going to destroy the whole island, and it seems that he doesn’t care even if his own minions were turned into stones.

Luffy and the others are still held captive. Caesar plans on dispatching them already. What I don’t understand is what did the message “don’t do anything” means? Is someone coming to the rescue? How will Luffy and the others now escape? They are trapped in a cage, worst they are even tied in chains unable to move.

Law plans in doing a counter attack, but how? Let’s find out in One Piece chapter 677 when its released this week. I’ll try to post spoiler if I encounter one, but I’ll definitely update this post once One Piece chapter 677 is out. Stay tuned!



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