Vampire Knight Chapter 84: Getting out of this Darkness

Vampire Knight Chapter 84 is up next. A lot of drama happened during the last chapter. A vampire wanted to become a human. An unexpected girl has step in between a battle just to end their conflict. Vampire Knight 84 spoiler is not yet available as of the moment.


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Meanwhile, Yagari seems to be displeased with Kaname. Yuki wants to stop Kaname and she’s not happy with what had happened to Zero. But Kaname seems to be hesitant to fight Yuki. Unfortunately for him, Yuki is so eager to fight him.

She believes that there is still hope and someday they will find a way to get out of the dark forest they are in. It’s somewhat complicated actually. Will that day really come when they could bathe in the sunlight again? I hope they would, and I hope that no one would die before that day comes.

Vampire Knight Chapter 84 will be released or will come out soon. There is no fix date but it will be released somewhere on the 23rd-25th of this month. *It might probably be released sometime in the first week or second week of July. Vampire Knight is currently taking a break. I’ll post update once Vampire Knight 84 spoiler or raw scans are available, or the chapter itself is released.



4 responses to “Vampire Knight Chapter 84: Getting out of this Darkness”

  1. Kristine Annette Nguyen Avatar
    Kristine Annette Nguyen

    It’s actually going to come out in July 😮 I believe Matsuri Sensei is taking a break…

    1. lymeraj Avatar

      what break is she taking??? She has been dragging this manga for 7 years!!! camon for real i love the manga but shes sucking the life out of it by procrastinating and procrastinating

  2. Demonhybrid13 Avatar

    August is just a couple of days away…..when is the next chapter going to come out! T^T I’m starting classes in the first week of next month. I won’t have time to even be online!

  3. i love cosplay and my favorite character is vampire knight

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