Where to request RMA service in Philippines for PC Hardware

RMA Services in the Philippines

Today I’m going to share to you where and how you can avail or request RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for your computer hardware here in the Philippines. Also, what are the things you need to consider and do before you send your hardware for RMA.


pc hardware rma service in the philippines

When you buy a computer hardware, let’s say a motherboard or a graphics card, usually the store gives you a 1 year warranty just in case the unit goes haywire or protection from factory defects. But you might not know this, the distributor usually offers 2-3 more years of warranty.

For example, you bought a Corsair HX60 power supply. The store only gives you 1 year warranty, but Corsair gives the distributor 2 or 3 years of warranty for the HX620 PSU. What?! Surprised? That’s true. The additional 1 or 2 years serves as a buffer for the store.

But when you go to the store where you buy the hardware to request for RMA after the warranty period has expired, they usually tells you that “sorry, it’s no longer on warranty and you have to buy a new one” or some stores are honest enough to say that “you can try sending it back to Asus or Corsair for warranty“.

rma service philippines

This was also my experience with my Asus M4A785TD-M Evo. The board seldom restarts in a month, and then it became worse when it started to restart every now and then. I thought that my graphics card was the one causing the problem or the memory. But later I find out that it was the motherboard all along, unfortunately I figured it out after 1 year! The store warranty already expired.

Although I knew that Asus offered a total of 2 years warranty for the motherboard but I do not know where to send it or where to request for an RMA. So I did a little research and found this guy Sir Edel who offers RMA services here in the Philippines. You can see Edel at TipidPC.

So I contacted and sent the my motherboard to him. After a few months of waiting I got a new motherboard! Horaah! You might be wondering why it took quite sometime for my motherboard to be replace right? Well, they encountered a problem with the distributor, unfortunately the model M4A785TD-M Evo was no longer available. So I requested that it would be changed to a newer model (with additional charges of course since it was more expensive than my previous board.)

So my board was replace and it was a good deal.

asus rma service philippines

Now what are the things that you need to consider and do before and after RMA. First lets talk about what are the things you need to do before sending your unit.

1. Check your hardware if there are no physical damages. It might not be replaced if there are physical damage.
2. Check how many years is the total warranty given by the manufacturer.
3. Try to know what is really the problem of your hardware.
4. Take pictures of the hardware before you send it.
5. Make sure you still have the original box including its accessories. The distributor might look for them.
6. Take note of the model and serial number of the unit before sending it.
7. When you send it for RMA, make sure it is packaged properly as to avoid damage during shipment.
8. Always confirm transaction and have constant and clear communication with the person or store where you are requesting for an RMA.

After the your hardware has been replaced, the contact person usually contacts you before they will send back the unit to you. So here are the things you need to do after RMA.

1. Before the contact person sends your unit back, ask if it was replaced and always ask for the model number and serial number. Just to check if they are sending you the same model or unit and to check if it was really replaced.
2. Ask for the tracking number of the courier so that you can keep track of the shipment when they send it back to you.
3. When the unit arrives to you, check immediately and test the unit to see if its working properly.
4. If its not working properly or something is wrong contact the contact person immediately. Usually you can still send it back and do the steps mentioned above before sending you unit back.
5. If its working properly then your good to go! Buy your contact person a beer. hehe

Hope this guide will help you in your RMA problems. Good Luck!

Note: I’m not affiliated with Edel nor I am related to him. It just so happened that he’s the one who handled my RMA problem and was satisfied with his service.



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