Samsung ES9000 75-inch OLED Smart TV will make your eyes BIG!

Samsung has been aggressive with their Smart TVs and in South Korea, a 75-inch OLED Smart TV (Samsung ES9000) was spotted. Your eyes will really get big, not only just by looking at the Smart TV, but you’re also be surprised by the price tag attached to it. The Samsung ES9000 75-inch Smart TV has a whooping $17,424 price tag attached to it.


The Samsung ES9000 has a slim and sexy 7.9mm bezel and the frame is finished with rose gold. It’s also built with webcam for video conferencing, voice control, face recognition and gesture control. It has a Diamond Black Panel that will greatly improve the quality of the display.

The Samsung ES9000 is also built with Samsung’s new 1GHz dual core processor that is capable of running multiple apps at the same time. The new processor also provides a smooth viewing and browsing experience.

Back in the old days, TV screens like this was only science-fiction, but now it’s a reality. And soon big TV screens like this will be the “regular” TV that every household will have.



One response to “Samsung ES9000 75-inch OLED Smart TV will make your eyes BIG!”

  1. Harvey Altman Avatar
    Harvey Altman

    I am a bit confused. Isn’t the OLED series the 9500 as opposed to the LED series of 9000?

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