otterbox commuter for samsung galaxy s4

Essential Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was recently released and it is, by far, the most successful Android smartphone Samsung has ever created. Its popularity is greater compared to its predecessors the Galaxy S2 and S3. I’m pretty sure you will be getting a Galaxy S4 soon, or perhaps you have one right now. Either way, here are the essential accessories or must have accessories for your Galaxy S4. Your Galaxy S4 might be a “life companion“, but these accessories is the Galaxy S4’s life companion.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protectors

sgp samsung galaxy s4 premium tempered screen protector

First on the list, we have the SGP Samsung Galaxy S4 GLAS.t Premium Tempered Screen Protector. This Galaxy S4 screen protector is not your typical screen protector. It features high tension tempered glass construction, oleophobic coating that helps reduce grease and fingerprints, anti-shatter coating and offers easy installation with no risk of bubbles.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The next thing that you should definitely get to protect your investment is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Case. Without a case, your phone would not probably last long out there in the wild.

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case

The official flip case is perhaps the most basic protection that you could provide for your Galaxy S4. It replaces the back cover of your S4, at the same time protect the display with its flip cover.

Cygnett UrbandShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

If Flip case or covers are not your liking, you can also try the Cygnett UrbandShield Case for Galaxy S4. It provides full body protection for your Galaxy S4, at the same time offering a super slim design. This case is very easy to install since it has a simple snap-on installation design.

otterbox commuter for samsung galaxy s4

And let’s not forget, my all time favorite case, the OtterBox Commuter for Galaxy S4. It offers two layers of superior protection, plus a screen protector. It features a stylish yet sturdy design that can withstand bumps or shock. It comes in 10 different colors precisely designed to highlight the natural beauty of the Galaxy S4.

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