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Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Survive Without These!

The most awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost upon us. And I’m sure many of you are planning to get one soon. But while it hasn’t arrive in our respective local stores/carries yet, check out the things that you should have for your Galaxy S4. These accessories are essential to protect your investment, and probably your Galaxy S4 won’t survive without these.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases for Protection

One of the things that you definitely need to get for your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a protective casing. Not only will it preserve the life of your new smartphone, but it will also be your phone’s life companion. Below are some of the must have cases for Galaxy S4.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover / View Cover

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover

First on the list we have the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover. It’s an official Samsung accessory made for Galaxy S4. Like with the Flip Cover for Galaxy S3, it replaces the back cover of the S4 and provides full protection without making your phone bulkier. It’s made of durable material providing premium protection for your screen.

Genuine Galaxy S4 View Cover

In addition to the Flip Cover, Samsung has also released a new Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 View Cover. Basically it’s just like the Flip Cover but with a cut out for you to see information like date, time, incoming calls, messages and anything that can fit in a 2×4 widget size from the Galaxy S4’s display.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Hard Cover Plus

Galaxy S4 Protective Hard Cover Plus

Next we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Protective Hard Cover Plus, also an original Samsung accessory. It’s made out of a tough thermoplastic material providing protection against shocks, drops, dust, and high polymer coating to prevent fingerprint build-up. It also has a gloss finish which adds style to your phone.

Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for Samsung Galaxy S4

Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for Galaxy S4

Then we have the Tech21 Impact Snap Case with Flip for Galaxy S4, that is made out of shock absorbent material protecting your Galaxy S4 from bumps and drops. Since this case is made with impactology D3O technology, not only that it offers superior protection, but it also has a slim design.

Zenus Diary Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Zenus Prestige Neo Vintage Diary Case for Galaxy S4

Now let’s take a look at this stylish and elegant looking Diary Case from Zenus. Zenus has the Prestige Neo and Masstige Samsung Galaxy S4 Diary Case, both made from high quality leather style material. Both the Zenus Prestige Neo and Masstige have built-in pockets for credit cards or business cards. The flip cover has snap-button preventing it from accidentally opening during a fall. The Zenus Masstige comes in different stylish design and colors, giving each one a unique style and preference.

Zenus Masstige Diary Case for Galaxy S4

OtterBox Defender/Commuter Series For Samsung Galaxy S4

otterbox defender series for galaxy s4

Last but not the list, if my all time favorite Otterbox case. OtterBox has released it’s popular Defender and Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4. Like its predecessors, the Defender Series offer three layers of maximum protection. It also comes with a belt-clip holster so that you can conveniently carry it around.


otterbox commuter for galaxy s4

Meanwhile, the OtterBox Commuter Series for Galaxy S4 offers two layers of superior protection. The two layers are made out of slim and sleek silicone rubber and a polycarbonate shell, protecting your phone from bumps and shocks. It comes with a self-adhesive screen protector to protect your display from scratches.

Not only that, the Defender Series and Commuter Series for Galaxy S4 has a new sleek and stylish design, and comes in various colors for you to choose from.


Other Case Brands and Design for Galaxy S4

The cases I mentioned above are some of my personal picks. Of course, there are other cases out there, with different designs, or different brands. Some of those case are cheap, and some are expensive but really tough. For more cases and mobile accessories you can visit this page. Just find the best case that would fit your preference and your budget.



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