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Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Menu (Diagnostic Tools)

Finally, the secret menu for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed, thanks to WCCFTech. These Samsung Galaxy S4 secret codes where tested on the Korean version of the Galaxy S4, or the SHV-E300s the features Exynos 5 Octa Core processor and LTE. The source did not confirm whether the secret codes will work on the Exynos version GT-I9500 or the Snapdragon 600 version GT-I9505, since they haven’t tested these codes on these models yet. You can try these codes to your Galaxy S4, but the source doesn’t recommend it. Anyway, below are the Samsung Galaxy S4 secret code menu.


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samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Menu

To activate these menu, go to dial keypad and type the following numbers/codes. You don’t need to hit the call key, the hidden menu will come out once you pressed the right combination.

samsung galaxy s4 secret menu

  • # 0 * # (General Test Mode)
  • # 0011 # (Service Mode)
  • # 0,228 # (Battery Status)
  • # 0283 # (Audio Loopback Test)
  • # 1234 # (AP / CP / CSC version)
  • # 22558463 # (Reset Total Call Time)
  • # 2663 # (TSP / Touch key / SensorHub Firmware version)
  • # 34971539 # (Camera Firmware Standard)
  • # 7353 # (Quick test menu)
  • # 7412365 # ( Camera Firmware Standard, phone / CAM FW Ver Check)
  • # 9900 # (System Dump) 319712358 (SKT Hidden Menu, password = 996 412)

These secret menu is useful specially if you want to check every function in your phone if it is working properly or not. Remember, they are not meant for everyone’s use, that’s why they are hidden. It’s main purpose is to provide diagnostic tools and trouble shooting to see which function or feature in your phone is not working properly.

Remember, do this at your own risk. If you are not sure, don’t try to change any settings. You might disable some features of your phone unintentionally. Good luck!



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