Use Your Samsung Galaxy Y Longer with Extended Battery Pack

Mugen Power Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Isn’t it annoying when your Samsung Galaxy Y’s battery runs out on you while you are using it? Tired of optimizing your phone to extended its battery life? Well, you might want to use a Mugen Power Extended Battery for your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.


One of my problem with the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is its battery life. It usually do not last long, specially when I am using WiFi for surfing or video streaming. Since I was able to install a lot of games by increasing the Samsung Galaxy Y’s memory, we played games with the Galaxy Y more often. And perhaps you are having the same problem with your phone’s battery life.

The Mugen Power 3000mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 last 2.5 times longer compared to the original battery included in your phone’s package. I’m not sure if you got a 1200mAh battery or a 2000mAh like mine. But by using the 3000mAh extended battery you can use your phone longer. This means more time for calls, more time for playing games, more time for WiFi activities.

Mugen Power 3000mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Y Specifications:
Cell Type: Li-ION
Voltage: 3.7v
Capacity: 3000mAh
Battery Door: Included
Original Battery Model: EB454357VU (1200mAh)

By the way, since these are extended batteries, they might make your phone look a little bit thicker and a little bit heavier since the battery pack has more capacity.

Where to buy these extended battery packs? You can order them straight from the manufacturer’s site here. The extended battery for the Galaxy Y with back cover is priced at $57.95. Mugen Power offers free shipping worldwide, and they ship the batteries via Air Mail. Items should arrive to you by more or less two weeks from date of successful order, or depending on your location/region. For more smartphone accessories, visit Mugen Power here.



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  1. is that here in the phillipines????

    1. Hi Zhen! Nope it’s outside Philippines, but according to the store they ship to Ph.

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