How to Increase internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y Young S5360 is one of the popular entry level android smartphone today. But because it is relatively cheap, it does have its limitation. One is its internal phone memory storage. Samsung Galaxy Y has only 160MB of internal storage. Here’s the good news, now you can actually increase that to make room for more apps and games. How? I’ll show you.


UPDATE: Stop! This method might be too complicated and sometimes (or most of the times) doesn’t work at all. I found a new and better solution. Check out my latest article instead -> How to Install or Move Apps to External SD Card in Any Android Phone. This one really works!

Here’s the thing, we are not actually gonna replace any parts of your Galaxy Y or unlock something to increase it’s internal memory. We’re going to make use of the external SD card. Below are the steps on how to increase the internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Note: This procedure is not limited to Samsung Galaxy Y alone and it can also be done in other android smartphones. And proceed with CAUTION. If you’re not careful you will experience data loss in your Samsung Galaxy Y/android smartphone.
Try this procedure at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you messed up and something happens to your phone

How to increase internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y (or any android smartphones):

1. You will need to root your Samsung Galaxy Y. If your phone is still not rooted read this: How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y (Young GT-S5360)

Must Read Article -> The Android Rooting Guide: Things You Need to Know

2. We need to create a partition on your SD Card or your microSD card.

2.a. To create a partition in our microSD Card, we will be needing a free tool called MiniTool. You can download one here.

2.b. After you have download the MiniTool Partition Wizard, install it in your computer and Run MiniTool.

2.c. If your microSD card is new then you can proceed with creating a partition. If not, be sure to back up everything in your microSD card. Creating a partition will delete every data in your microSD card. Proceed with caution. The first time I did this, almost all of my apps and games where gone, but they were still physically installed.

2.d. Plug your microSD card to your computer. While in MiniTool, right click your microSD card drive and format it. REMEMBER: Be sure it is the correct drive and do this after you have backup every data in your card. Select fat32 as file system, hit ok and hit the apply button found in the upper left corner of MiniTool (the one with the big blue check mark).

how to increase samsung galaxy y internal memory

2.e. After you have formatted it, right click on the microSD drive again and select Move/Resize. In my case I created a 1.37GB partition size while the unallocated space is set to 500MB. The unallocated size will serve as the additional internal memory of your android smartphone. Hit ok after you have set the partition size.

2.f. You will see in the MiniTool window an unallocated size in your microSD card. In my case, its about 506MB. Right click and create a partition for it, it will be formatted at the same time. Choose EXT3 as its file system. Hit the Apply button again after. Again be sure to hit the big check “Apply” button otherwise the changes would not be implemented.

how to increase android smartphone internal storage capacity

3. After partition, you will only see the FAT32 portion of the microSD in your Windows Computer. But in Minitool you will see that there is a FAT32 and EXT3 partition. Now your done with the partitioning.

4. After you have created the two partitions (fat 32 and ext3), remove it and plug your microSD to your Samsung Galaxy Y (or android smartphone)

5. You will also be needing another app called link2sd. You can download link2sd here.

6. Install link2sd in your smartphone, run link2sd and it will ask you to mount script. Choose ext3 and hit OK.

7. After you have successfully done that, reboot your android smartphone.

8. Once your phone returns from reboot, Run link2sd, go to its settings and check everything to auto-link. That should do it!

You’re done! By now you have increase the Samsung Galaxy Y’s internal memory. Another option is to transfer the installed apps to your SD card. You can read my article How to Move Apps from phone memory to SD Card for Android smartphones

If you want to read more about link2sd and how it works, you may go here.

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I tried this process again this time using a 8GB microSD. Below are my notes and observations:

Always hit the Apply button on MiniTool so that changes to your microSD card like formatting and partitioning would be implemented.

If the EXT3 does not work, try using EXT2. It also worked for me.

If you encountered an error something like SD Card 2nd Part “not found” or mount: invalid arguement or /dev/block/mmcblk0p2: device not found Make sure you have two partitions on your SD card and both are primary. use EXT2 instead or EXT3. Make sure you download the official Link2SD from Google Play. Go to options in Link2SD and choose “More” and choose “Recreate mount scripts”. If it doesn’t work try to remove the microSD card from the Galaxy Y and restart your phone and run Link2SD again.

If it does not work, try to do the whole processes again, try EXT2 instead of EXT3. Make sure both partitions are set to PRIMARY.

If you have successfully completed the process, the physical internal memory size of your Galaxy Y WILL NOT INCREASE. Instead after the internal phone memory is used up, it will automatically link the internal phone memory to the created partition. I tried to download as many games as possible, and as you can see in the screenshot below it automatically “linked” to the partitioned microSD.

NOTE: Again do this procedure at your own risk! If you are not sure about what you are going to do or what you are doing, then don’t try this at all.



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  1. mohamed tolba Avatar
    mohamed tolba

    hello, it’s good topic thx but i have problem,

    all steps went good but when i open link2sd and choose EXT3 and press ok it’s gives error saying :-

    mount script cannot be created.
    mount: Invalid argument

    and i did all the steps as u said, any suggestions ?

    1.  Avatar

      Hmm, I haven’t encountered it. I guess you should try to uninstall the link2sd and install it again. Or partition the EXT3 again. BTW, how big is the EXT3 partition? Perhaps it has a limit, that is why its returning an error.

      1. Rajkumar Stha Avatar
        Rajkumar Stha

        Same problem here , it shows mount script cannot be created
        mount: device or resource busy

        1. Bassil Avatar

          with me ext2 resolve the problem

          1. mitchell Avatar

            i have done everything and follow all intrucstion to make partition in mini tool and i did all ok i see my partition but when i open link2sd nothing happen, its say that root not gain…….. but if i make option i see my partition is there in the phone but it never make any changes. i try ext2 and ext3 many time i already start all over and over and not working…….

      2. Kamal_sajid Avatar

        i have done every thing as prescribed n everythng is done fine.. but i cannot see the partition in phone… i increased memory upto 600MB but i dont see that partition.. only phne memory i.e 190MB n SD card as 3.09 GB … i used 4GB card … rooMB i not shown as in ur case …. i installed an app it said link2sd is linking that app…..

      3. Kamal Sajid Avatar
        Kamal Sajid

        i used $GB card… allocated 600 MB for increase in phne memory but i cannt see the 600MB partition in phne as in ur case… i installed an app n it notified me that internal memory is full n another notification that link2sd is linkin that app. … wat next now????

    2. I have the same problem here… help please?

    3. That means you have NOT rooted your device properly. Try to re-root it.
      copy the file downloaded to the root of your SD card (i.e. simply open your SD card and just paste it.)
      Now switch off your phone.
      Then press power, volume up, and home keys together.
      the phone restarts in download mode. use volume and power keys to navigate, home key to select.
      select “install from sdcard” and then select “” file. reboot the system after the process is complete. then run link2sd again.
      It’ll work.

  2. mohamed tolba Avatar
    mohamed tolba

    ah i got the solution , u forgot to tell when we create the partition of the allocated space u should make it primary also .

    fix it in the topic !

    1.  Avatar

      you’re right! you should set them, both of them to primary partition.

      1. Aady_m Avatar

        how to set both partition to primary… ???
        ‘m unable to do that for 2nd partition… plz help..
        thanks in adv….:-)

        1. thekoon Avatar

          Did you find a way to make them both primary? Same issue here.

          1. You can’t make them both primary. that would be conflicting. same thing with a hard disk on your computer. There is only one primary drive and that is usually the drive C.
            Still didn’t work for you?

      2. hey, may sd card is now damaged, what should i do? :'(

        1. whatswithjeff Avatar

          What happened? As in can not be accessed or perhaps you just missed something? Along the way I though my sdcard got damaged but it really wasn’t damaged at all. I reformatted it again using the minitool.

        2. Hasbullah Avatar

          format your sd card using your phone…

      3. when i clicked link2sd it shows make sure that both partitions are primary and i put it in primary,.but still it doesnt work,i tried to delete the partition that i just made and after that when i plug my sd card it shows bad disk in mini tool what should i do?..omg pls help me

  3. Jentredicho Avatar

    I have big problem! I followed the steps properly (I swear! XD). When I opened Link2SD, it didn’t ask me anything. I had to use “Recreate mount scripts” in the options only to get this error:

    /dev/block/mmcblk0p2: device not found
    Make sure you have two partitions on your SD card and both are primary.

    So I went to “Storage Info” and found out that “SD Card 2nd Part” was “Not Found” despite that the 500MB space I formatted as ext3 and set as primary was doing fine on MiniTool…

    Pls help πŸ™

    1. Aady_m Avatar

      even ‘m having de same problem:-(

  4. Woo! thanks alot dude.. πŸ™‚

  5. why is this does the software lookdifferent to the images, why it only says “wipe partition” and “wipe disk” my memory card does not work anymore and I wiped the disk.

    Any help please!! I am using Windows 7


    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      You might have skip a step or forgot something.
      Please reformat you microSD.
      Insert your microSD to your SGY
      Go toSettings->SD card and phone storage
      Choose Format SD card.
      That should do it.

      Hope this helps! ^_^

      1. Fordnyan Avatar

        Dear Jeff,

        Thanks for wonderful work. I have done it successfully. I have one suggestion your link for minitool takes to MiniTool Dirve Wipe and most of people download the first freeware which not one we are looking for so will rewrite “MiniTool Partition Wizard” instead of just MiniTool. I feel that it will help them better.

    2. Aady_m Avatar

      hey … even i did de same wrong thing by downloading minitool drive wipe…
      just download n install minitool partition wizard home edition (around 10mb)
      which is available in de same webpage…
      hope u will get it…

    3. Aady_m Avatar

      memory card will surely work..just plug in then,
      only u need to go mycomputer-rightclick-manage-disk maagement
      then u will see de SD card… again right click on that n click to
      “change drive letter n path ” and give any letter… better give it as G..
      hope it will help..

  6. Tanojbhupathi Avatar

    how can i retrieve my deleted images from internal phone memory on samsung galaxy y…??

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      You have to use data recovery software. But it’s not a guarantee that you can still recover your data. That is why it’s very important to back up everything first before doing something

      1. y i cant format my memory card in mini tool?

  7. Puttuabhishek Avatar

    Even after all process it gave success . But in applications in device memory no increment

  8. marine Avatar

    dude………….just awesome man!!!!!

  9. Devvineet Avatar

    after selecting ext3 in link 2 sd i get message that
    Mount Script cannot be created.
    mount: invalid arguement

  10. Devvineet Avatar

    i changed to primary and done everything, everything went ok. but my internal memory didn’t increased. my phone still shows that internal memory is full.

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Perhaps you missed something

      1. jef i have now big problem, i did all step by step but when i create the 2nd unallocated partition supposedly for my extra internal memory a dialog box appear says that ….. blah blah… and i did not read it and understand it… my sd card now not readable.. and i cant even format it or even minitool cant read or detect my sd card.. what should i do?? i think this will be fix in non-windows OS.. but the problem is i have no source of non-windows.. anybody can help me?

        help me please this is my email address
        —-my sd card is 16GB

        1. jay are you using 100% original sdCard? not imitation or the “class a” type of sdcard?

          1. i only using the cd-r king sd card.. can i use it? is there any way to do it in a cdr-king’s sd card?

          2. You can try it. But cd-r king’s memcards have poor quality. they tend to “die” easily

          3. jef, can i set 1.5gb for my internal memory?

          4. I haven’t tried it Jay. I haven’t been using this app lately. I got annoyed and just stick to the basics. You can try BUT just be careful.

  11. Jeryjoseph09 Avatar

    after doing this procedure i got the extra internal partition memory. but my 2gb sd card decreased to 876mb…now the total memory of my sd card is 876mb.
    what shall i do? plz help to make my sd card back.

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Your SD card’s memory will surely decrease because you have successfully shared it with your internal memory. If you want to revert your SD card’s memory back to its original size, you have to unlink it from your galaxy y and remove the partition and reformat it back to fat32.
      Be sure to backup your data before doing this. good luck!

      1. Jeryjoseph09 Avatar

        how can i unlink and remove the partition?
        explain it by step by step.

  12. Ralpooi Avatar

    I followed all the steps, but after I mount it in my SGY its says “Damaged SD Card” :((

  13. @Ralpooieh Avatar

    I did all the steps, but when i checked on Link2SD

    SD Card 2nd Part
    “not found”

    Please help!

  14. Lysa_wildcats14 Avatar

    after doing the partition and stuff could i unroot my phone again? or not?

    thanks for this post. worked ! πŸ™‚

  15. Jeryjoseph09 Avatar

    how can i unlink it from galaxy y and how can i remove partition..
    plz explain it step by step..

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi bro! did you not notice any unlink option in the App? If not DO BACK UP all your files and app first for both internal and external storage. And just try to reformat your microSD using the software above. Be very careful when doing this, this WILL cause data loss if not done properly. You’re phone’s internal memory and microSD are link to expand storage capacity, just like in RAID mode in computers.

    2. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi bro! did you not notice any unlink option in the App? If not DO BACK UP all your files and app first for both internal and external storage. And just try to reformat your microSD using the software above. Be very careful when doing this, this WILL cause data loss if not done properly. You’re phone’s internal memory and microSD are link to expand storage capacity, just like in RAID mode in computers.

  16. jay singh Avatar
    jay singh

    after selecting ext3 in link 2 sd i get message that
    Mount Script cannot be created.
    mount: invalid arguement

    what i do. plz help me …
    fat32 primery
    and partaion logical

    1. make the ext3 primary as well, you can do it on minitool

      1. cloud 26 Avatar
        cloud 26

        it still says the same πŸ™
        Please help urgent.

  17. Jezahmae Avatar

    How would you know if your internal memory really increased?

  18. Dmamrelia Avatar

    Can we do partition from 8 GB card ?

  19. Imu_dear Avatar

    Thanks a lot my Dear… I am going to try this, dont know whether it will really help me out or not? But after reading your idea, I am relaxed a little.
    Thank once more, I will try n let U know.

  20. Thanks my Dear a lot. Dont know whether it will help me or not but still believes in U. Please guide me if I require any of help for increase the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy Duos phone.

  21. Thanks a lot for all Ur Ideas. Guide me if I come for any problem of increasing internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy Duos.

  22. works fine
    tested with a 32GB SD card
    directly connected to phone via usb (connected mode)

    minitools for partitioning usb drive (always recognize again & again the disk by un/replugging)
    you can repart and reformat via the phone on trouble
    first partition 28 gb fat 32 primary formated active
    second part 1.2 gb fat32 primary than changed to native linux 83 formated ext3

    reboot galaxy

    take care with 32gb , laptops often read sd (4gb) not sd hc

    french tester

  23. Myproxyemailaddress Avatar

    When I click the “Apply” button on MiniTool, I get this error:

    Failed to execute the following command:

    ResizePartition DiskIndex:1 PartitionIndex:1 NewStartingLba:63
    NewPartitionSize:13301757 SafeMode:1

    Error Code: 16
    Disk I/O error.

    Please help me, Thanks in advance!

    1. Sarrawy89 Avatar

      Run minitool as an Administrator


  25. how come i cant open the mini tool says file corrupted >.<

  26. Mohit mohata Avatar
    Mohit mohata

    after select the file system show mount script is created please restart but after restart again show select the file system & in storage info. show SD card 2nd part not mounted ……plz plz help me

  27. Margav Soni Avatar
    Margav Soni

    Hey, how to get back tht memory to sd card,, plzzz tell ..
    my mail:-

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi Margav,

      You can reformat your SD card using the minitool. Just reformat and remove the partition to get your microSD card back to its original state. However I would like to remind you that if you have successfully linked your internal memory and microSD card, removing or reformatting the card could erase/corrupt/remove the apps that you have installed that was linked to your SD card.
      Again do back up your data or your phone before doing any changes.

  28. Kaycee_bone Avatar

    tanx men… it works! by the way, you reaky need to make the ext3 a primary.. if u dont it will not work even you use ext2..

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      I tried ext3 and it work too. I just did not go beyond 512mb though

  29. Symonz_arrianne Avatar

    hell shit . it doest work . /dev/block/mmcblk0p2: device not found
    i have try this many times . 5 hours left but still not done . please help me or let me see a video .
    huhuhuhu ! :((

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Have you tried using ext2?

  30. Pravin Parmar Avatar
    Pravin Parmar

    thnks for the wonderful trick.. but i would like to ask something.. I have linked the internal memory with the ext2 partition successfully, the new apps will be linked to it after installation.. but i have only 20 MB free in internal memory.. is there any way to free the internal memory which is already consumed by previous apps and system.. please advise.

    Pravin Parmar

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Don’t worry it will allocate to the “link” sdcard automatically. How big did you a lot?

  31. Joseph Lapid Avatar
    Joseph Lapid

    can i use another memory card. after i did this with the other memory card?

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Yes, but the installed apps will be “gone” or will “disappear” that were “linked” to your sdcard.

  32. Joseph Lapid Avatar
    Joseph Lapid

    can i use another memory card in my phone after i did it with the other memory card?

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Yes u can use another, but the files that you have installed will know show. it “will disappear” since you have removed the “linked” sdcard. The principle behind this is the same when you set a Raid 0 in your computer.

  33. Jaxmortal Avatar

    thanks alot πŸ™‚

  34. Renz Roa Avatar
    Renz Roa

    Got the same problem with jay singh. But I followed the instructions below the update. I used ext2 and made it as primary. was able to create a mount script. and rebooted. after, check everything on auto link. Was able to download but only the yahoomail was linked to link2sd. Other apps were normally download without the notification of link2sd. Until I reached internal phone memory up to 173mb and there’s a notification “Low on space” Internal phone storage is getting low and also reception was blocked due to low internal memory.
    Note: I used 16gb memory card and partitioned 1gb as an extension for internal memory.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  35. Pearcosza Avatar

    tried ext3 and ext2 in link2sd then i get message that
    Mount Script cannot be created.
    Mount: resource is busy

    both are primary….i used 8gb microsd

    help pls….pls…

  36. light14 Avatar

    working fine dudes….. i see my partition in storage info in linkedsd…. have you ever try to increased
    the memory into much higher than 500 just for example… 1gb rather becausae 500 is not enough
    ….theres alot of application running in android phones…. what do you think bro…
    im new user of galaxy young,im having this last may 12, 2012, and i want to explore more
    im already tried to flash my phone using 0din even i did something wrong…
    and i already flash the stock rom and the kernel…..
    i wanted to up the memory into higher than 500 mb

  37. Bittoo Mendhe Avatar
    Bittoo Mendhe

    Is it there onther way to increse internal memory…. without routing it…????
    plz help

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      I’m afraid you will need to root it for the link2sd to work properly

  38. whatswithjeff Avatar

    I have never encountered that before. I only used 8GB and haven’t tried 16GB.

  39. aijosh Avatar

    Wow! Worked like fire.
    I’ve tried different methods and decided to stick with a hack I stumbled upon during my experiments but after trying this. Everything worked fine.

    Note 1: I’ll advice people to first try (FAT32 + Logical) first before trying this
    Note 2: If ur card is LESS than 4gb try (FAT + Logical)

  40. bishal, (from Nepal) Avatar
    bishal, (from Nepal)

    thanks yaar. it worked for my samsung galaxy y. first i tried with ext3 but it didn’t work, but after using ext2 it worked, it worked, it worked. thanks
    now i am plenty of internal memory

  41. cloud 26 Avatar
    cloud 26

    My laptop cannot detect my sd card after I did this.
    Help please I want to transfer a file.
    Please Help. And Link2SD didn’t ask me the EXT3 thing,
    please help. ASAP.

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Link2SD will not ask you about the “EXT3 thing”. You have to set it on mini tool. Check out aijosh’s comment.

      1. yeah mine too!,.My laptop cannot detect my sd card anymore,.i save all my files using kies but kies cant detect my memory card,.what do i need to do?

        1. whatswithjeff Avatar

          ext2 and ext3 can not be detected by windows. But you will see your microSD on minitool

  42. i repeated the process all over again but when i opened link2sd still it shows second partition not found,.i tried to use ext3 and ext2 both primary but still not working,.i also have 8gb mem. card

  43. ow its working now!i tried to remove my microsd card from my phone..=)

  44. i cnt download games anymore!it says not enough memoery but i havent use the 2nd partition.,what should i do?thank you

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi Michelle, I see you finally figure it out. Is your internal memory full before you have successfully “linked” you microsd card? I suggest that you uninstall first the apps that were installed in your internal memory and then reinstall them again with the link2sd on. But you have to backup your apps and data. That is very important. Sometimes microSD card are unpredictable. They suddenly fail.

    2. haziq haiqal Avatar
      haziq haiqal

      i have a problem like you too.please fix this problem jeff.

  45. Micmirsha_jed Avatar

    I have followed all your instructions and it all went smooth until my computer can’t detect my sd card anymore. I tried to connect it to my laptop using usb cable, card reader and microsd adapter but still nothing. My phone still reads it thou. Please help me!

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      ext2 and ext3 can not be detected by windows. But you will see your microSD on minitool

  46. Micmirsha Jed Avatar
    Micmirsha Jed

    Wow! Ignore my first comment. All I have to do is format again the sd card, turn off my phone and reinstall kies and my sd card can now be connected via usb cable, card reader and sd adapter. Thank you. Just one question. I tried downloading “Facebook for Android” and supposedly it should install to phone memory if I haven’t install link2sd, partition it etc.. Now that I have successfully partitioned my sd, it seems that “Facebook for Android” app is taking up 10mb both in the partitoned and internal memory. I thought it would automatically install on the partitioned memory and phone memory would not be used. Please reply to me to this comment (I’ll come back tomorrow or a few days) or my mail:

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      I installed the app to my phone but did not encounter the same problem that you have. Perhaps you should try uninstalling the app and reinstall it again?

      1. Micmirsha Jed Avatar
        Micmirsha Jed

        ah scratch all my comments. I tried reinstalling it and it worked perfectly well! xD
        Thank you so much! Another question πŸ˜€ No apps is now installed in my internal memory. But it’s memory is around 75mb (Overall memory is 190mb). What is taking up my space?

        1. whatswithjeff Avatar

          That I do not know yet. We have the same question. I do not know how exactly Link2SD allocates the files or how it splits the files. In my case I install apps but the internal memory is not getting smaller or bigger.

        2. whatswithjeff Avatar

          That I do not know yet. We have the same question. I do not know how exactly Link2SD allocates the files or how it splits the files. In my case I install apps but the internal memory is not getting smaller or bigger.

  47. Mian junaid Avatar
    Mian junaid

    all is working great..thank u for support..but aftr root my mobile bettery use more thn before..very heavy power required for root..

  48. Raqeeb Jzunad Avatar
    Raqeeb Jzunad

    hi.. this is jzunaid i have samsung galaxy y my mobile say that internal memory is full i have deleted som app.. after doing it has same problem… so wat to do can u help me..
    my:9886083943 my id:

  49. suxgeek Avatar

    after i create partition for the un allocated space, when i hit apply, i get this error message

    Failed to execute the following command:

    ResizePartition DiskIndex:1 PartitionIndex:1 NewStartingLba:8192
    NewPartitionSize:13922304 SafeMode:1

    Error Code: 16
    Disk I/O error.

    Please help me. I have tried with ext2,and change it to primary, but this error still appear when i hit apply…

  50. dianne Avatar

    this works also in 16GB memory card??

  51. Dheeru Clarky Avatar
    Dheeru Clarky

    thanx aloadz.. i dont kno abt d thng whethr it’ll work or not but ‘link2sd’ thing as workd awesmly fr me..

  52. Janzter Ryan Alvarez Santos Avatar
    Janzter Ryan Alvarez Santos


  53. Janzter Ryan Alvarez Santos Avatar
    Janzter Ryan Alvarez Santos

    This Apps is Great … I successfully Transfer Most of my Apps to SD … and Increase my Internal Memory from 18MB to 86MB

  54. you said :” 2.c. If your microSD card is new then you can proceed with creating a partition. If not, be sure to back up everything in your microSD card.”
    After the backup of many files we had in SD card and done all the format and partitioning part, where to put the backup files back when all the data formatted on SD?

    In fat32 or tn ext2 or 3 or 4 whatever. ?

  55. Keller377 Avatar

    I am unable to format my SD card in Mini Tool. The option to format is gray and I’m not able to select it. Additionally it is showing the SD to have 0GBs free. It really has about 13 free GB. Thanks for your help!

  56. Rprabhas94 Avatar

    I did it bt after selecting ext3 in link 2 sd i get message that
    Mount Script cannot be created.
    mount: invalid arguement

    now i don’t need partition wat shld i do sir


  57. Yolapage1 Avatar

    Thanxxxx a lottttt……………………………………………..I was a little scared maybe a lot scared but eventualy i succeeded…. U solved a very big problem of mine… keep helping..

  58. Jovim Lana Avatar
    Jovim Lana

    Thanks a lot sir! This was of great help indeed as i configure my smartphone’s settings.

  59. sir i hv done all the steps as u said what when i open link2Sd and give option to mount then every time I get same message:
    (Root access warning:-
    Link2Sd could not obtain root access, if you have root access make sure you respond “Allow” or “Grant” to the supervisor request).

    tell me how to solve this

    1. Is your phone rooted?
      Did you recently update your OS?
      Perhaps you need to root your phone again.
      This usually happens when you update the OS. It becomes unrooted, thus you need to root your phone again.
      I also encountered this error, but not with Link2SD.

  60. meadumandal Avatar

    Hi! I executed all the process successfully. There’s already the partition information on the storage info(just like your printed screen on your explanation). My internal memory is just 26mb, so after doing this steps. I tried downloading a new game from the Google Play to test. But it still said that “Insufficient Internal memory storage”.
    I still download more πŸ™ What was the reason?

    1. meadumandal Avatar

      I should say : *”I still can’t download more”

    2. Perhaps you are downloading something really big?
      I also encountered this problem most of the times. I just uninstall some of the installed apps.

  61. Guys! the only reason that some of you are not successful in this process and having this common error of “mount script cannot be created. mount: Invalid argument” is because you didnt checked the option for the “primary” for your created partition. Always check that! Peace! πŸ™‚

  62. farghmee Avatar

    hi All,

    i’ve done these, 8 GB into two partitions: 5.39GB FAT32 primary & 1.89 Ext2 primary.
    i’ve mounted the Ext2 into the phone.

    however, whenever i install new app, my internal memory runs low.

    i have these questions:
    1. how to make sure that the whole thing works?
    2. is there size limitation to the Ext partition?
    3. do i have to alter the Settings of Link2sD?

    thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. Hi farghmee
      You’re question 1 was also my question before. When I first tried this my internal memory size did not increase. BUT I noticed that I was able to install more games than before.
      What I do not understand about the Link2SD is sometimes there is still space from the partition, but I could no longer install an app or game, specially if its a large file game like Final Fantasy.

      I haven’t tried larger amount of Ext partition. The process can be time consuming and I encountered trial and errors while doing this.

      I haven’t tinkered around the Link2SD settings either. After I have tried it, I just kept it that way.

  63. Harbindar Avatar

    Not wrking…..i tried all possible way…its giving error in link2sd ” Root access warning – allow or grant to the superuser request”

  64. ive tried it and it really works. but after that when i restart my fone it automatically restart.. over and over ..:( how can i fix it pls help me(

  65. and theres a a msg mount script error and i need to reboot my fone.:(

    1. I get this message most of the time specially when my phone was turned off. Sorry but I haven’t found a fix on this one.
      If anyone knows how to fix this problem please share your thoughts. Thanks!

  66. i made a mistake during partion n my 4 gb sd card now onlys shows 1gb memeory how can i get my 3gb memory back?

    1. use the same program. It’s there. But windows can not detect the other 3GB since it’s not in NFTS/FAT or FAT32 format.
      Go back to the tool. And format it again. It also happened to me

  67. nothing’s wrong with the process you have provided .
    all i could say to anyone who would like to try it .
    there’s no error with the process . if you encounter an error .
    then that’s what we call human error . πŸ™‚
    i overlooked one step that caused me a big headache .
    before i could successfully do all this .
    thank you so much, God bless you and keep up the good work .

  68. thank you jeff, it worked 100%
    i can install FF III on Samsung Galaxy Y liao .

    1. Hi Robin
      Where you able to install and play FF3?

  69. it damaged my entire microsd card.. now it says.. BAD DISK
    wish i could still recover my microsd back…

    1. what SD card were you using?

  70. Mohit Kumar Avatar
    Mohit Kumar

    everythin is done as u said and my phone too shows the newly created partition with 94% of free space but still when i download apps it shows Insufficient storage..
    HELP PLS..!!

    1. try uninstalling apps first before installing again.

  71. i want to do it all over again so it will work on me. but i cant delete all the partitions. can you tell me how?

    1. use the minitool to delete the partition. It’s all there

  72. thanks a lot man! it really helped. πŸ™‚

  73. it worked but everytime i install a file and link2sd tries to link. its says “failure” what to do then?

    1. please try to do it again. reformat the sd card. make sure you are using an extra sd card for this one. and make sure your phone doesn’t contain any errors or an app that conflicts with link2sd
      BTW, is your phone rooted already?

  74. I got message Root Access Warning:-

    Link2sd could not gain root access.

    If you have root access make sure you respond ‘allow’ to superuser prompt.


    now what to do?? Please guide me.

    thanks & regards

    1. You need to root your phone first before you can do this.

  75. I done every thing as you wrote in your instruction.

    How to root? Please help

    1. Please see this post How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y. I also said above that you need to root your phone first.

  76. Hi jeff,

    I did as per your instruction given in net.

    My SD card showing 2nd partition,

    I run link2sd card but got message I got message Root Access Warning:-
    Link2sd could not gain root access.
    If you have root access make sure you respond β€˜allow’ to superuser prompt.


    Again i have to root my phone SGY.

    Pl. advice if require then how to root please give step to do.

    many thanks for u r idea.

    1. I provided the link above. Instruction number 1. I also replied to your comment before this

  77. hi jeff,

    done successfully, thanks bro.

    Many thanks.

  78. Hi jeff
    Now message came :
    Mount Script error
    Mount script cannot be created
    Mount: Invalid argument

    Now what??

    1. That is a common problem when trying Link2SD. I can not provide you support for this. I also encountered this problem before, all I did was repeat the process. I recommend you also check out the other visitors’ comments. Someone commented here that they solved the same issue you encountered.

  79. Hi Jeff can you please help me how to expand my internal memory of my alcatel inspire 991d coz every time i want to download different applications my phone keeps on saying my internal memory is low. please send me emails here jeff i will very much appreciated any response from you. thanks in advance :)-shirley

    1. You can try the steps above but you will have to root your alcatel. I do not have rooting instructions for an alcatel

      1. Hi again jeff thanks for the reply is it possible that even if my phone is alcatel i can use the samsung galaxy rooting instructions sorry ha i really dont have the idea and this is the first time i need to root my phone.

        1. Hi shirley I’ll post another topic on how to root alcatel phones.
          Do not use the rooting files for the samsung galaxy y to your phone. It may brick your phone.
          I’ll do some research first for the alcatel phones.

  80. Hi jeff, now my phone showing 3 partition, 1 is internal phone, 2 ‘s sd memory as per picture shown above in your instruction, everything done perfect (ie. phone rooted, sd card partition, etc). But when i try to install apps it is shows internal memory full why? Pl advice.

  81. hi jeff, my phone is again shows internal memory full? i did every thing perfect. i.e. phone rooted, 2 partition on sd card as per picture shown above as per your instruction given above. and link2sd in setting – storage it is show 2 partition. why my phone is showing internal memory full? pl advice.

    1. Try to uninstall first the apps before installing it again.
      That’s what I did before.

  82. Bro, when im done with this, and my internal memory is already increased.. can I replace my old SD card? cause my old SDcard is just 2gb, and Im replacing it with the 4gb.. Will there be any problems if I do that? Will my internal memory still be like before? hope you’ll answer

    1. do this with your 4gb sdcard.
      For example use installed link2sd on your 2GB. and then you remove it and inserted the 4GB. it will not work any more. The apps that you installed and was “linked” to the 2GB will not work anymore.
      So if you plan to use the 4GB. then do it with the 4GB.
      Hope this helps.

  83. hi jeff, all going well now and it is works on sd card. But i am installing any new apps it is move to sd card but it is again show the internal memory full after some time. shall i format the phone? pl advice.

    1. Hi!
      Not really sure. It’s really up to you. All I did before was uninstall apps and installed them again.
      Just be sure to back up everything and be careful not to mess up so that you wont damage your phone.
      Good luck! ^_^

  84. ya sure jeff.

    Many thanks for efforts and helps.

  85. hi jeff, one more thing, will you please guide me for downloading google play apps from chrome. do you know??

    1. Hi Sunil!
      What exactly do you mean “download google play apps from chrome”? Do you mean download apps that are found in Google play and save them into your PC or download them directly to your phone?

  86. Hi Jeff thank you so much πŸ™‚ until now i cannot use my phone the way i wanted i will wait for that thank you very much ha. i really appreciate your effort to help me if you have it already can you please send me all the details about it.
    thanks and Godbless.

  87. I mean to say Download apps in google play and save them to pc.

    1. Hi Sunil!
      You can’t download apps from Google Play and save them yo PC. You need to download the apps from somewhere. google play does’t allow you to download the app installer or the APK file. Just google the app’s name with “apk” and download it from that site.

  88. I have installed minitool in my pc it only shows two option swipe partition and clean disc wat should i do

  89. I download minitool but no able to use it

    1. How come you were not able to use minitool? the option that you need should be there.

  90. wally76 Avatar

    could not create script
    mount: was busy or something

    i fixt it by formatting the whole sd and first partition in primary FAT32 and second in primary EXT3 en the second one needs to be “set active”

    another problem is the brand of the sd, first i tried a cheap one, dit not work, now i have a sandisk 2 gig devided in 2 equal partitions.

    hope this will work for u guys

  91. kumar chettri Avatar
    kumar chettri

    THANKS A LOT. i could root my galaxy y GT. S5360.THROUGH UR INSTRUCTION. i ran go luncher app successfully but now i’m finding some of the apps are not found like ply(google aps centre) g mail.. how can i get them back? now after downloading some apps it shows insufficient space in internal me immediately. i can,t keep my patience.can formate the sd card now?

    1. Samsung Galaxy Y is pretty much limited. It only has a small limited internal storage capacity that’s why you we turn to Link2SDs solution. But it’s not perfect. You must make sure that Link2SD is working properly otherwise apps that are installed via links2d will not be displayed if it’s not properly mounted. Gmail and Google Apps? They should be there since they are the default apps of your phone.
      You can try uninstalling some apps first before downloading again. It’s also suggested to do link2sd procedure without many apps installed BEFORE trying to increase or using Link2SD.

      1. kumar chettri Avatar
        kumar chettri

        thanks Jeff .still i’m not able to get back Play,and Gmail even couldn’t download apps using my acount in google play in PC.actually before it was showing low space so i sifted some of the apps to sd through link2sd.few could not go so created link. everything was ok then i downloadwd go luncher even it was ok for some time but aotomatically samsung home setting started n i found some defoult apps were missing.please help me still it shows mount warning…”2nd partition is not mounted durin boot time it has been mountedafter the system finishes boot
        therefore your linked apps are not visible to the system at the make them available again please try to Recreate mount scripts or quick reboot.”
        after following the instruction it shows the same notice. i created ext2 file help me.

        1. are you using a custom rom? perhaps it conflicted with your custom rom
          Kumar please read the other visitor who left their comments here. I believe somebody has solve the same problem you encountered.

          1. kumar chettri Avatar
            kumar chettri

            NO I’M NOT USING costom rom.i found download manager but its file size is 0.00 kb. how it happened? I isntalled it but doesn’t work.can i solve it by unrootin again? if so guide me to download update- unsltall zip.

          2. I think unrooting your phone won’t solve the problem

  92. when i insterted the mem card my phone says . Sd card is damaged , try to format it ..
    huhu ,, what should i do??

  93. sir ,, when i connect the mem card to the pc, pc connet detct it ! why , but in mini tool it says bad disk ,, how to repair it ,, asap !

    1. Are you using an original memory card?
      If you format the memcard to EXT, it’s natural that windows will not detect it. But you will be able to see it in minitool.
      Try reformatting the memcard. Is that new? Sometimes microSD cards tends to fail/die unexpectedly.

  94. sir ,, i just fix it ! now how to fix the LINK2sd problem ??

    1. That’s great. What was your problem with Link2SD?
      BTW, kindly read the other comments here. Some of the visitors here have the same problem that you have. And they have posted their solution.
      Good luck!

  95. jeff, can you give me the link2sd solution , i cant find it in the comment . Please STEPbySTEP
    and still @nd partition is not found

    1. Hi John,
      Second partition is not not in your galaxy y or in PC?
      And what step are you stuck? What errors did you encounter?

      1. siir?
        my pc , connot detct my mem,card anymore ? i tried to formta it but still the same !

        1. Did the minitool detected your sdcard?

  96. sir,, i cant fnd the solution for the LINK2sd prob , sir can you show me the answer please πŸ™

  97. sir ,, my pc connect detect my mem. card anymore ,, how to fix this??ASAp

    1. Is your mem card broken or not?
      If its formatted in EXT your Windows PC cannot detect it. Windows only detects FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. Use minitool to detect your memcard and format it
      Again, some memory cards tends to fail or becomes dead unexpectedly.

  98. SIR! TNX. it really works for me so error or problem occured.

  99. Hi! Jeff, I really appreciate this topic, thanks alot, it is helpful,
    I need ur help plz, I hv been successful in the whole process, I hv all my partitions, internal memory, sd card, sd card 2nd part, and also whenever i open link2sd it tells me that ” link2sd has been granted superuser permissions”,
    BUT when I install new apps they go directly to the internal memory and the sd card 1st part, AND when I try to install more apps I get error msg that says “no more storage” so the apps doesn’t install. WHILE there is enough (800MB) space in my sd card 2nd part.
    SO why my apps doesn’t go automatically to the sd card 2nd part while there is enough space?

    1. Hi Mia, let me get this straight first. You have successfully partitioned your sdcard right? Is the 2nd partition you are referring to your external memory card? The ones where all your files including pictures are installed? Or is it the partition that is supposed to link to the internal memory of your phone?
      Because when you install an app, and link2sd is activated, the app will not be installed in your external memory card.
      The links2sd makes your phone “think” that it has more than 180MB of space. Thus it can install more than what its limit. It’s does not install your app to the external portion of your card.
      Also you do not need to open or run link2sd every now and then. And the message that you get “”App” has been granted superuser permission”, it’s normal whenever you open an app that requires root access. These kind of apps will not run if your phone is not rooted.

  100. What I do not understand about the Link2SD is sometimes there is still space from the partition, but I could no longer install an app.


    1. I get this a lot. I just uninstall everything first then install them back again. I think it’s a bug that need to be fixed by the developers.

  101. has anyone been able to create a partition greater than 500MB ?

  102. Has anyone been able to create a partition greater than 500 MB on a 8 GB SD Card?

  103. First i would like to say thanks for ur concern Jeff!

    To answer ur question: Yes, the partition that i refer to is the one that is supposed to link to the internal memory of my phone.
    What I know is: when the internal memory of my phone is full, the new apps installed they go directly to be installed to the second partition of sd card(ext2) that has been linked to the internal memory of my phone. M i right???

    Also im gonna try to uninstall all my apps and install them again. coz now whenever i install apps i get the error message (the storage is not enough). WHILE my ext2 partition has 800MB, and my internal phone memory has 21MB. plz i need ur help sir.

    1. Actually yes an no. That is what I think also. But I noticed that ever since I used Link2SD there is no way for me of telling if the default internal memory is full or not. I have been installing apps but when I check the memory status it’s still around 80MB free. The status bar is not moving.

      And yes, that’s what I did before. I uninstalled first the games and apps then after installing link2sd I installed them back again.
      But I’m not using link2sd anymore since its giving me an error saying that I should do a Quick reboot, every time I do a hard restart.

  104. link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond ‘allow’ or ‘grant’ to the superuser reqest plz help

    1. You need to root your device first. Is your phone rooted already?

  105. VITTAL REDDY Avatar

    Hi Dear.

    Thanks for post this.

    I successfully completed all the steps.It shows Internal Memory and SD Card Memory also in Link2SD App.But When i install new apps it shows very low space on Internal Memory and Unable to receive new sms also.

    Please help me to avoid this type of errors.

    My Mail ID:

    1. Please try to uninstall first the installed apps, then try reinstalling Link2SD again and install the apps again. That’s what I did before. I think it’s a bug. The installed apps (prior to Link2SD) where already installed in the internal memory. Hence there are no room for Link2SD to “split” the files.

  106. thank u very much sir… your technique is working in my samsung galaxy y s5360. thanx a lot for this usefull information.

  107. wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    yas it work after my 3 hour hardwork thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooooot
    can we extend internal memory greater than 500 mb

  108. works perfectly on my phone. thanks a ton for this very detailed steps. also thanks to others who shared their problem and helped to add more steps (like the primary stuff).


  109. so i did all of this and it worked but it doesn’t seem to be moving apps to the ext3 i made and ext3 fill association path says /data/sdext2 and i have it autolinked but it isn’t going to it when i run out of space on main internal storage

    1. You shouldn’t be able to see the ext3 (or ext2) partition when installed in your phone and when you are running link2sd. If you browse your microSD only the fat version should be displayed. The “link” memory serves as an extension of the internal memory and it does not necessarily transfers or moves your apps to your SD card.

  110. Hi,
    Thanks a lot. It took me an hour but finally got it working. it worked with the ext2 option.
    Many thanks to everybody posting and helping.

  111. Hey jeff, it’s really a great post. I want to root my HTC Status previously known as HTC ChaCha? Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Micky, try looking for a solution on XDA Forums. I don’t have an HTC Status neither used one. Good luck!

  112. Adilvahab Avatar

    I don’t understand what is unallocated partition.I don’t understand the 2.f step which is to create the EXT3 format for new partition.Plz help me.Because it is urgent.

  113. Hi. I keep getting root access warning message. What should i do? Please advice.

    1. what kind of message are you getting? Haven’t encountered this one.
      Perhaps you enabled something that will warn you every time there are changes to your phone’s settings?

  114. Hello, i successfully applied this stuff now i have 500 mb extra memory. but when some of my app needs some updates, it will just say “insufficient storage”. what should i do with that? for example, Facebook. it has a large amount if space needed. i tried App2SD but it wont allow me to move it to SD or something. i need help please

    1. You can try uninstalling the apps first then reinstall them again. Just make sure to backup any data. It might be lost during uninstall

  115. Hi Everybody…
    Got this solution through another website…
    It works on Android phones…
    Dial *#9900#
    and select ‘Copy to SD card’
    It does a sys dump freeing internal memory by 50mb…
    no confusion… very simple…
    It worked for me and many users on that site… try it at your own risk though…
    Hope it helps…

  116. awesome…works perfectly…..!!!!!…..f@ck those noobs who cant do this simple thing…to all of u who are ot getting it to is because ur dumb a$$hol3s….it works 100%….i cant believe…..thanx a lotttttttttt @jeff…love u man..!!!! :d

  117. Harold Joseph Avatar
    Harold Joseph

    after i inserted my mem. card, SGY said it was damaged.. is there anyway to fix it?

    1. perhaps you can try to reformat it. what type of card are you using?

  118. Harold Joseph Avatar
    Harold Joseph

    Sir Jeff! If the internal memory of SGY is full? it will automatically direct it to the 2nd memory or do i have to do it manually?

    1. I think not. Instead it will evenly distribute the space. Also most people who tried this (including me) can not install anymore if the phone memory if almost full before installing link2sd

  119. i cant see my sd card on MY COMPUTER..
    please help..

    1. use to tool to see your sdcard, it’s natural that you won’t be able to see your card since you formatted it to EXT format. Only NTFS and FAT are recognizable in Windows

  120. Failed to execute the following command:

    ResizePartition DiskIndex:1 PartitionIndex:1 NewStartingLba:8192
    NewPartitionSize:13922304 SafeMode:1

    Error Code: 16
    Disk I/O error.

    i always get this when i hit the apply button. please help me. thanks

    1. what type of memory card are you using?
      Are you using safemode? It seems that write/rewrite is disabled

  121. Hi Jeff good morning what was the status of the Alcatel 991D rooting?

  122. HEY i did all steps correctly n all things are correct but it still not link my apps to other partition though i alredy made it automatic..:(

  123. Hey dude when i resize/move the partition and then create the partition and apply then an error comes saying resize partition disk index:1 partition index:1 New Starting Lba 2048 New partition size 4096000 safe mode 1 error code:16. Plz help me, plz reply. Write all the necessary things.

    1. I haven’t encounter that one. Did you get that message while in Minitool?
      What microSD are you using, what size? And did you double check things before executed/formatting your card?

  124. this minitool program corrupted my SDHC card , thanks for ruining my day , (i followed all the steps by words ) and i cant even format my card , it shows as a bad disk with bad sectors

  125. sumit kappor Avatar
    sumit kappor

    hello sir,

    my sd card was 1.83 gb now it is showing 1.19 gb on sd card but in link 2 SD .sd card 2nd part is not found

    what to do????

    1. not found in PC or in smartphone? Since you formatted the second partition to EXT, it’s natural that you won’t be able to see it.

  126. sumit kappor Avatar
    sumit kappor



    1. it means your phone is not rooted

  127. Thanks …. i have done everything but after sometime it started giving the same issue low internal memory even after partitioning the sd card …. i m fedup of this issue .. please tell me how to resolve or email the solution …..

    Thnks πŸ™

  128. It works …. Thank you so much…. πŸ˜€

  129. Milo O'Shea Avatar
    Milo O’Shea

    32Gb card successfully installed but occasionally disappears.
    Many thanks for the handy guide.
    Followed your procedure. Rooted phone, used MiniTools Partition Wizard to create 2 primary partitions in Fat32 & Ext2. Ext2 partition is 500Mb.
    Link2SD successfully links apps as required.
    However, occasionally the 32Gb card is simply not found. This may be the result of operating the phone when the battery is very low – my daughter ignored the battery warning indicator, which she has in the past been safely able to do when using a 2Gb card. This time it resulted in the 32Gb card apparently being impossible to remount etc. Tried rebooting phone. No joy. Eventually, she simply took the SD card out, replaced it and restarted the phone – card found.
    Anybody had similar experience or found a fix for this problem other than taking the card out?

  130. wow!awesome!i had a problem with this,same that i cant download because of full internal memory even with this link2sd,but i tried to change intall location to external from link2sd settings,then wow!it worked!!!
    hope it helped^^

  131. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for these tips, it really works nice dude..
    I followed the complete process couple of months back & it worked fine for 2 months. I moved almost all the applications on SD card. These include even the Google applications like Google play, map, navigation etc.
    Today I updated firmware using Samsung Kies & surprisingly all the applications which were on SD card vanished. When I open link2sd, it displays a message “Select the file system of your SD Card’s second partition” & options as ‘ext2’, ‘ext3’, ‘ext4’ & FAT32/FAT16. If I select ext3 & then ‘OK’, it displays a message “Root Access Warning”– Link2SD could not obtain root access.
    My situation is worst as I made a mistake of moving even ‘Google Play’ to SD card & hence now unable to install any applications.
    Please suggest some way out man..

    1. that’s because when you have updated your firmware, your root access was disabled. Meaning it was un-rooted when you updated your phone’s firmware.
      You can fix this by simply rooting your phone again.
      hope this helps

  132. i tried to partition sd card with 8gb.. everythng has been done as per d steps i hv done it wth link2sd app is nt linking it to sdcard,, tells me low on memory.. wat shd i do nw? plz help…

  133. thanks alot!!! works fine 4 me..

  134. i followed the steps and it was done. the only memory i lost was the ones in the sd card. i think that the linking is not successful because even after link2sd notified me that the new app was successfully linked to the sd card, the warning “internal memory full” still shows up. and now even the “message memory full, can’t receive any new messages!” warning is going out too even after i have deleted the history and only one thread is left in my messages. i also notice that the the free memory of the 2nd part of the sd card, based on what i saw from link2sd’s own storage info, stays on 94%. i can’t understand what’s happening. please reply to my message. thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hi murl
      this is the first time that i have encountered your error. Usually is that they can not install because of memory full and can easily be fix just by uninstalling some apps and doing the steps again and re-install back the apps.
      Did you back up a ROM of your phone before trying this?

      1. Hey man,

        Thanks for the reply! Yeah, i figured i should re-install the apps for it to be linked. Everything’s smooth now. Thanks for all your info! Great help. ^_^

  135. Stevo100 Avatar

    Hi, could you answer a couple of things for me. I’ve followed all the instructions using a 8GB card. I split the card making a Fat32 partition of 3.4GB and a EXT2 partition of 4.2GB (The amount left over). All seems to have worked, as such, and I’ve got no error messages. However, when I go to Settings> SD card and phone storage – it shows that I have 3.41GB on my SD card and 30.7MB on my internal.
    Should the 3.4GB Fat32 partition be showing up as internal memory?
    Why is the 4.2GB EXT2 partition not showing?

    When I look at the storage, using LINK2SD it shows:
    Internal /data Total: 190MB Used: 148MB
    SD Card /mnt/sdcard Total: 3.41GB Used: 234MB
    SD Card 2nd part /data/sdext2 Total:4.05GB Used: 235MB

    Is this what you’d expect to see? Are these correct, as I’m still getting ‘Insufficient storage’ and ‘Internal Memory Full’ notifications?


    1. Hi ‘m not sure why but the system will not display the total or real storage size. That was also in my case. Although I didn’t used 4.2GB for the EXT2. I only used 500MB
      The 4.2GB EXT2 will not be displayed because your phone thinks that it’s your 512MB internal memory.
      You will only notice that you have done it successfully when you install more and more apps and it will not complain that it has reached the usual limit.

  136. Alistair Jake Avatar
    Alistair Jake

    Is there a way that i can do this on my 16GB memory Card?

    1. i think you can also use a 16GB memory card. but I’m not sure how much MB or GB can you allocate for the EXT format. I haven’t tried beyond 500MB

  137. hey jeff. im kinda new to these things. i understood whole steps but can u tell me whether i have to get my galaxy y rooted or not? wat are the advantages of rooting? will there be any harm? and after increasing Internal memory, will my fonts also change like in yours?

    1. Hi nik!
      To answer your question kindly read the article that I have just created. Hope this will answer some of your questions.
      Read the article here: The Android Rooting Guide: Things You Need to Know

  138. Vinoth Rosario Avatar
    Vinoth Rosario

    Dear buddy… No issues at all…. It is working like chum πŸ™‚ For i dont know the reason EXT3 wasnt working but EXT2 worked well and good. I did partition in ma 16GB sd and Gave about 1 GB for EXT2… Its good and really your work deserves 1000000….. Bucks :D…. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ I LOVE Youuuuuuuu

    1. I haven’t tried 1GB but it’s good to hear that it’s working for you.
      Well, you can buy me a beer if you want πŸ˜€ glad to help!

  139. how to uninstall the changes that i did ( returning back the settings to its default settings)
    and i wanna use my memory card with the other phone or with other purposes.

    1. did you make a back up of your phone before doing all this stuff? if you have you can simple restore the back up and reformat your microSD and allocate all the space to FAT32 so you can use it normally again.

  140. hi
    does it work in another ROM in galaxy y [not stock ROM]
    sec if i make a mistake what will happened?
    after, does this work in 4gb SD card?
    and can i get the old space again?
    plz replay fast
    thanks tooo much :p
    sorry my en is not too strong

    1. I haven’t tried this with another ROM. maybe it could work
      if you made a mistake it will not work, don’t know any worst case scenario. or if you messed up the process, you could end up damaging you microSD
      not sure, but some readers said it worked for them even in higher capacity
      you can reformat your micro sd back to FAT32 to get the old space of your micro SD

      Jordan some users who tried it didn’t worked for them for some reasons, while others have successfully configure it. Some readers told me that their microSD got damaged for some reason. But there are many factors that contributes to this. And ALWAYS ALWAYS, do create a backup or nandroid of your phone, just in case something went wrong.

      In the end, you are responsible for your action and do it at your own risk. Good luck!

  141. Thank you for your fast reply! im just asking it to make sure before doing the whole process and im glad that the whole process is working. it really worked in my Galaxy Y

    i just want to suggest one thing

    2.f. You will see in the MiniTool window an unallocated size in your microSD card. In my case, its about 506MB. Right click and create a partition for it, it will be formatted at the same time. Choose EXT3 as its file system. Hit the Apply button again after. Again be sure to hit the big check β€œApply” button otherwise the changes would not be implemented.

    **after this,, please add instruction about making it a primary storage. because i just noticed it, too late that i need to attach again the sd card to computer and make it into primary.

    thats all .. but overall THANK YOU and it helped me alot!
    Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  142. just wanna ask..
    maybe there’s something wrong . uhmm ., my applications go to the sd card itself not in the partitioned 2nd part of the sd card.
    what should i do to move it to the 2nd part sd card

    1. hi! after you have successfully installed and configured link2sd, you won’t be seeing any second partition. Since the second partition (ext2 or ext3 depending on what you used) will be “linked” to your phone’s internal memory. It will serve as an extension. Some apps or games will be installed in your sd card, or perhaps you setup something that apps will be installed in sd card instead in your phone’s internal memory

  143. Hi. I have a problem. I I don’t know how to make the unallocated part to be primary , not logical as it’s now. When I go to Modify , I can’t do nothing. And another thing. What are thess ext2 , ext3? Are they the unllocated memory?

    1. ext2 and ext3 are file extensions like fat32 and ntfs

  144. hi,
    i tried all steps, i installed super user & link2sd on my sgy, but when i open the app link2sd it is saying that ” cannot acess root, if u have acess to root select grant or allow” what i have to do now, and when i opened storage details in link2sd, the 2nd part is showing as not mount.
    plz help me

    1. you must root your phone. if you have recently updated root it again. it might have lost it root access

  145. hi,
    I have done all the steps, still i cant able to move my internal memory to the partioned memory which is about 1gb out of 8gb, when i open link2sd app, its showing ” link2sd could not obtain root acess, if you have root acess make sure you respond allow or grant to the superuser request”
    i have allready set allow option in super user app.
    plz help me soon.

  146. heyy,i got everything right,other than in step 2.f. i cannot hit the apply button cuz when i do,it says

    Failed to execute the following command:

    ResizePartition DiskIndex:1 PartitionIndex:1 NewStartingLba:2947972
    NewPartitionSize:12576768 SafeMode:1

    Error Code: 4
    Disk I/O error

    please please help: :/ i dont knw what to do
    i use windows 7
    my phone is samsung galaxy Y
    im using a new 8GB SD card
    i have rooted it
    i did all the other steps accordingly :/
    thank you so so much! please help! >_<

    1. hmmm can you please try to install the minitool again (uninstall then install). this time install by “run as administrator”.
      are you using an original microSD? Is it not damage or something?
      Please try to also review the following settings/configuration in minitool

      1. i used fat32 when i recreate mount scripts instead of ext2/ext3, and it asked me to restart my phone. after my phone has restarted, it still doesnt work. i also cant see the partition. what should i do?

        1. dont use fat32, use ext2. format your card’s other partition to ext2. I’ll try to put up a video of this soon.

    2. ALEX MOTTIN Avatar

      Reinstall the software in other PC to solve this problem.
      Error Code: 4
      Error Code: 16

    3. I had this “error code 4” also. I was using a micro-sd to sd adapter. When I switched to use a USB micro-SD card reader instead, it worked.

  147. please help me asap. i chose fat32 accidentally when i recreate mount script. what should i do now??? im afraid that my 8gb memory card will destroy.

    1. did it work? any errors?
      if you are unsure, try to uninstall the link2sd and install it again this time select the right mount script (ext2/ext3)

  148. Siddharth Avatar

    @jeff-aftr spending 1 hour reading all cmnts :p i have 3 que . .
    1)How to bckup my sgy ?Is there any app..?
    2)And where wil my bckup is stord
    3)b4 duing all u told do have clean my internal memory (190 mb)

    1. is you want to backup your entire phone, back it up using clockworkmod recovery. it can create an entire backup rom of your phone.
      backup will be stored in internal or external memory depending of your choice.
      not necessary. but advisable.

  149. SIDDHARTH Avatar

    I hav performed all of it , and all goes well , there is sdcard2 ext memory showing with other two memry status like that pic above ,, but still when I m downloading facebook or even updating maps its showing “not enuf memory ” ????? plz help plz

    1. try uninstalling all apps first, then do the link2sd and install all the apps again. your internal memory might have been full already because of previous apps.

  150. siddharth Avatar

    hey jeff,
    link2sd is showing 3 partition in memory status but , whatever I download is being stored in internal memory , my 3rd partition is still 100% empty I have downloaded about 4 they just linked to sd by “link2sd” , and m trying to download 5th app but “internal memory low ”
    what to do ,, I have done all things ryt and no ERROR what so ever came , then y not working ????? plz help HAPPY NEW YEAR πŸ™‚

    1. did not configured in link2sd that all apps should be linked automatically? please check.
      or better re-do the steps you might have skip something.

  151. Otep Guapo Avatar
    Otep Guapo

    I got an error saying:

    “mount script cannot be created.
    mount: Invalid argument”

    I used ex3.. πŸ™

    1. try using ext2

  152. siddharth Avatar

    no jeff I ticked that column , and the second partition is also showing 103 % empty ,, but everytym I try to download app from google play its get stored in internal memory and I have noe dnt enough space for my messages also ?? what to do ,, is this what u told us really works ??????? okay m duing it all again from beg lets c

    1. I think the problem is not with the link2sd anymore. I’ll be putting a video of this soon, this time applying it with another android phone.

  153. I’ve done everything, including what to do if I failed, on the list but wasn’t successful. Ugh.

  154. what is the maximum capacity of internal memory card after you increase the internal memory?

  155. hi!
    i performed all of this and it worked but the low space warning still keeps on appearing on my phoneand i cant receive you have any idea how to get rid of it?thanks!

    1. Uninstall all apps first. then do the link2sd then reinstall app again

  156. When I got the “SD card damaged” error on my phone it turned out that I formatted the primary partition as NTFS file format so changed it back to FAT32 and it works fine now.

    Couldn’t get ext3 format to work on the 2nd partition though, only ext2 on a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos..

  157. i hate this, it did not work, dont try it. i just lost all the memory on my sd card because of it and i cant get it back. thanks for nothing and now i have to waste even more money to buy a new sd card now. thanks a lot.

    1. perhaps you made an error in formatting your sd card

  158. my question is for the step: (2.c)
    Will I lose all my apps when I format my SD card, even if I take a full backup?

    1. if you format your sd, everything will be erased on your sd., same as formatting your hard drive or disk or usb.

      1. I meant: after formatting then restore the backup to SD, will Andriod read apps as it was installed?

        1. after successfully configuring link2sd with your phone, it should be working like normal. Except that you get this notification everytime you install or uninstall an app “link2sd successfully link/unlink app….” something like that.

  159. Joanalie Brion Avatar
    Joanalie Brion

    ah finally, i thought of selling my galaxy y coz of its low internal memory. I hope this procedure work for me. so ill be using my 8gb memory card.. is that enough already? πŸ™‚ tnx, will update you for the outcome. tnx sir

  160. Sir, how will i know if my internal memory has increased? I did all the steps and everything seems worked… but when ever i check my —>Settings—>SD card and phone storage settings— Internal Phone storage available space. it remains 54.32mb. but the partition i made in minitool is 512mb.

    Please help, how will i know it all the steps i did really worked. Thanks.

    1. The size will not change. You will only notice it when you begin to install more apps. You will notice that you can install more apps than before. Also you can try by opening link2sd, then options and choose storage info

  161. rii-chan Avatar

    Hi sir! I’ve rebooted my phone for about 3 times already and I’m still getting the same notif. “Automount script has been created, please restart your phone to mount ext2 partition. If you get this message after restart, that means automount script does not work on your phone. You cannot create link.”

    I tried to partition my phone with ext2 and ext3 extensions but still getting the same notif. I can also see the partition in the storage info but the total is N/A. How can I fix this? Should I root my phone again? I followed all the instructions given. >.<

    Btw, I used 16GB micro sd and 500mb for the partition. Thanks in advance!

  162. Mr. Jeff I’m having a problem with the link2sd. After I rebooted my phone for 3 times already I get this notif: “Automount script has been created, please restart your phone to mount ext2 partition. If you get this message after restart, that means automount script does not work on your phone. You cannot create link.”

    What should I do to link it?

  163. rii-chan Avatar

    Hey Mr. Jeff. I finally figured out what I’m doing wrong. I installed an older version of link2sd that’s why there’s no mount of exts.. Anyway, It’s now working on my Gt-S5360 and I allotted 1.47GB in my 16GB sd card. I just wanted you to know this is awesome. ^^/

    1. Hi Rii!
      Sorry for the late reply but glad you were able to figure it out. ^_^

  164. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey, I did everything exactly as you instructed but when I try to download apps it still says “Error while downloading “AppName”. There is insufficient space on the device. What do I do?

    1. Before doing link2d, make sure you have uninstalled the apps first since they already occupied the space of your phone. Just be sure to not clear the apps cache so that no saved data will be wipe up upon uninstalling

  165. Jeff Daniel Avatar
    Jeff Daniel

    Hi Mr. Jeff, We had the same name and you are awesome, :)) I had the same situation, but I dont want to create partition, is there any other way to increase my internal memory without using formatting and rooting? My memory card is only 2gb, Do I need to buy a high one? would you give me some recommendation about that?

    1. Other than this step, I don’t know any other way. The memory chip built in the samsung galaxy y is fix and can not be replaced physically.

  166. Stephanie Sac Avatar
    Stephanie Sac

    I did the same thing also, when I inserted my SD card it says “Blank SD card” and when I try to format it. Nothing still happens. Please help me πŸ™ T_T

  167. Stephanie Sac Avatar
    Stephanie Sac

    I cant see my SD card on my computer, what should I do? And when I insert it in my phone. It’s says “BLANK SD” What should I do? πŸ™ Huhuh. I badly need help here.

    1. You will be able to see it via minitool since you have already reformatted it to a different type

  168. Hi Jeff,

    I have your roadmap due but every app I Install remains on the phone memory. what have I done wrong?

  169. i have translate this with google translate

  170. Johan Roelfs Avatar
    Johan Roelfs

    Hi Jeff,

    I have your roadmap due but every app I Install remains on the phone memory. what have I done wrong?

    1. hi! what the link2sd does I think it splits the installation. I’m not really sure if the apps will be totally installed on the external sd or partially.
      I have done this step with my galaxy note 2. I noticed that some apps are still installed in the internal memory (specially games with data like modern combat 4), while others are not.

  171. ikUr0cHaN Avatar

    thanks dude! ddnt encounter any problem! πŸ™‚

  172. mohit pahariya Avatar
    mohit pahariya

    i create partition of ext-2. and after that my memory card space is 13.2gb. my memory card is 16GB. no i want to back into original memory into 16GB.. how can i do… thanks in advance…….

    1. just delete the partition and reformat it back again using the minitool. Just a reminder, you computer will not see the ext2 partition. You can only see that on minitool.

  173. Hi Jeff….

    ive done everything u say…what im abt to do next is to copy all my back up files in my sd card…but once i connect my usb…my computer cant read my drive come? and of course without my drive e:(sd) i cant add any apps / games that i have donwloaded… there anyway i can fix this? Tnx Jeff in advance…

  174. Hi Jeff

    i think everything works for me…but i got this one problem…everytime i connect my USB to my pc…it cant read my drive e: how come? im going to bring back my back up files and my download apps / games but how if i cant see my drive e:…hope u can help me with this….

    Tnx Jeff !

    1. Is your drive E the formatted ext3 portion? Windows does not detect EXT3, only fat32 and NTFS. You need the minitool to reformat the EXT to FAT if you want to use that again.

      1. hi Jeff!

        I did what you’ve said, but nothing changed. everytime I plug in my phone to my pc it doesnt show the folder that indicates reading the memory card. is there anyway i can fix this?

        1. Perhaps you need to reinstall the driver for your unit, Galaxy Y? Or try reinstalling Samsung Kies

          1. maybe i’ll try that one…’tho what im doing right now is im using a mem card reader if i want to transfer files to my sd..mem card reader do read my drive e: i just dont understand what i’ve done wrong in partitioning…anyways….tnx Jeff!

          2. Ahh I see, so your computer can detect the memory card. But it can’t detect once you plug your phone right?
            Make sure when you plug your unit, it’s not lock, if you have a pattern lock. If this does not work, better reinstall the drivers for your unit. Good luck!

  175. this is a really great thread. thanks to the uploader πŸ™‚

  176. Hi jeff, I did everything perfect and it’s works perfectly but there is some limitation of after some apps installed and message come internal memory full. I kept up to 23 mb free internal memory. Now I checked in your comments one of your follower instructions below and try
    Dial *#9900#
    and select β€˜Copy to SD card’

    Now my internal memory shows 160mb free how this happen???

    Regards – Sunil

    1. Hi Sunil, I haven’t tried the Dial *#9900# so I have no idea what happened.
      But did you install link2d while your phone is loaded with apps?
      I suggest you do the link2sd process before installing all the apps.
      Be sure to back up everything, specially if you have save games or cache.

  177. Adarsh Singh Avatar
    Adarsh Singh

    Hey Friends I Really appreciate the idea of making the division in micro SD ,…But In Many Cases If You Are Not careful then your whole android system will be formatted and then you can never repair it …….It can be even possible If you are careful so if you are doing this you should adure with the advice of an expert or a retailer .

  178. RoarOfTime Avatar

    i did everything properly on my 16gb sd card but everytime i try to partition it and when i click apply…after that instead of appearing ext2 or ext3 it changes by itself to (other) …

  179. Slipher Avatar

    Hey! This is an awesome post, thanks. However, I got a problem :/
    I did it all as you explained until finishing the partition, but now my computer doesn’t recognize my phone at all, not even the FAT32 part. Unfortunately, I saved my back up in my computer as a zip file but now I can’t get it to my phone! D:
    I hope you can help me. Thanks! πŸ˜€

    1. If your computer can not detect your phone try uninstalling and installing the Samsung Galaxy T drivers again or kies.
      How come you backup is in a zip file? What kind of backup are you referring to? Is it a Nandroid backup? ROM? Or you just copied the files to your desktop?

      1. Slipher Avatar

        Yeah, I just moved my files to the computer but I can’t get them back now. In fact, the wizard doesn’t recognize the phone anymore either. I’ll look for the drivers. Thanks

        1. Oh no, that’s not that way to backup a phone. That will not work. I have done that before. You don’t just copy the entire folder of your phone and paste it to your PC. you have to create a nandroind backup of your phone via CWM (clockwork mod recovery). I suggest you install a fresh copy of android firmware. Your using galaxy y running on gingerbread right? You can get the latest version from sammobile

          1. Slipher Avatar

            Yeah I guess I learnt the lesson already. I did the whole process again and it worked fine. Then I transfered my back up through airdorid. Only missed a few songs, I guess I’m lucky x) Thanks a lot for your help.

          2. That’s great! No prob Slipher. One thing that is great about android is that you can easily install, replace, backup and do anything with it. The OS is so customizable and flexible. Unlike with iOS, even copying pictures, videos, movies or songs back and forth with an iPhone/iPad is a hassle task.

  180. When im in the process of “apply update from sdcard” I saw in the bottom, Installation aborted. I dunno why? Pls help me. PLS. πŸ™

  181. Pls Help me Jeff. Im in trouble now. I only borrow a cellphone from my friend. When i’m in the process of rooting, i saw in the bottom, installion aborted. Then, nothing happen. Plss reply as soon as you can. Pls! πŸ™ Thanks..

    1. Which step did you encounter the message? Have you tried repeating the steps?

  182. rohit Avatar

    HI i have formatted my sd card. now it says sd card is unsupported.

    1. who said your card is not supported? Your phone or your computer? if you reformat your card to ext its only natural that your computer can’t detect it anymore. you can reformat it again using the minitool.
      you also can’t see the ext partition on your phone. by the way, are you using original sdcards? sometimes class A or fake sdcards tends to fail.

  183. frozzenn Avatar

    Did everything according to steps, still not enough memory for any apps….

    1. Hi frozzenn, this is not a complete solution. If you plan to install lots of apps on your phone, it’s best to get a phone with a higher internal storage capacity.

  184. Eutimio SΓ‘nchez Avatar
    Eutimio SΓ‘nchez

    After have done all the process and haven’t received any “error message” I didn’t achieved to get more space, after reading all the comments I realize that this method is not very reliable, I tried instead linking all apps with link2sd, simpler and effective although your guide help me, thanks

  185. hunterturnbull Avatar

    Hi guys,
    Just to share, i’ve also encountered same error on “installation aborted” only to realize that i am using an “” for SD5360 well in fact the phone i’m using is a GALAXY Y DUOS which is an SD6102. My mistake though.

    Maybe it would help you guys to check on phone model first.

    1. Yes, this is for Galaxy Y S5360 only. If you are using a duos, there’s another file for that. BTW, have you tried the new way to move apps in sd card? I placed the link in the article above.

      1. hi jeff.. how can i back up the files saved on the internal memory?? like the chat on, voice search, facebook, dictionary and etc. im using galaxy y S5360?? please reply.. tnx

        1. Hi Ghie, what kind of files are them? I don’t know how can you individually save them. All I know is how to save or create a backup of the entire state of your phone.

          1. hi jeff,, i complete the process and wen i go to link2sd and transfer files to the sd partition it says “failed insufficient memory..” wat shall i do??

          2. what do you mean you “transfered” the files to the sd partition? You don’t have to transfer them. The link2sd will automatically do that for you when you install an app. By the way, I have given up on the link2sd solution. Have you seen the “UPDATE” link I placed above, regarding How to Install or Move Apps to External SD Card in Any Android Phone? That one works for me and in any android phone.

  186. mohamed usman Avatar
    mohamed usman

    Nice….work fine with 8GP memorycard

  187. All steps were followed correctly and responded correctly, however when I wanted to install an APP it said “memory full”… SD card was partitioned with the same software, mounted with LINK2SD and upon rebooting, I could see my 2 partitions, but cannot install any more APPS due to internal memory full….what now?

    1. uninstall the apps first. Then do the link2sd, then install those apps back.
      By the way, I would suggest you try the new method I mentioned above. Link2SD is not a total solution in installing or putting the apps in the external memory.
      Good luck!

  188. Heya,
    do I need to keep my device rooted all the time to allow the newly installed apps to go in external storage
    can I unroot my device after the success of all the above mentioned steps??
    plz help

  189. Dude, i have been reading all the comments and some have d same peoblem as mine but ur solution is not effective on mine. When i uninstall and reinstall apps, ny partition seems to be unaffected and remained 94%. I got sgy duos and 1 gb external partition. Pls help me dude. My email is there for a personal reaponse. Sorry for my english by d way

    1. Hi Kevin! Sorry if you are having problems. That’s why I stopped using link2sd because of the problems. And yes, I also notice that the percentage do not change even if I install or uninstall apps. That’s why I left link2sd and use other methods like FolderMount instead.

  190. Elsecundo Avatar

    Hi , This worked for me just fine! The EXT2 and setting it as primary advice did for me the trick! Thnx

  191. how to increase internal memory of samsung galaxy s duos 7562

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi! You can either try the link2sd method, but I would suggest you try folder mount first.

  192. Hello Jeff,

    How can i get the pictures on /sdcard to my computer?

    Because Windows can’t see the card on my computer.

    I can’t convert partition FAT32 not to NTSF because it is not in minitool.


    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Hi Theo, you should be able to retrieve your pictures on your Media or Photo folder. But it also depends on you phone’s/camera settings. Try to check the default photo location.

  193. HI Jeff, the default photo location is /sdcard/DCIM/Camera. I can’t change the photo/camera settings to a different location. So if the card is not schowing on Windows how can i get the photo’s on pc? What do you think?

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      How come Windows can’t detect your microSD? What is its file system format?

      If you connect your phone to your PC, what drive is being displayed, the microSD or internal storage of your phone?
      Perhaps you can try to transfer the photos to that partition, and from there copy the files to your PC.

  194. Because i make 2 partitions with MiniTool: Ext2 and Fat32. System ID both= 0x07 NTFS and both primary.
    Connect Phone to pc i see nothing in windows.
    Program Kies and then connect Phone to pc i can see station G. but windows dont recognise the station and says schould format the station G.

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      I see. The reason why windows can not read your card is because it is formatted in EXT2. Honestly I am not using link2sd anymore since it can have problems (like this) along the way. Haven’t you tried the other method I suggested above? The one that doesn’t need to reformat/repartition your card.
      I suggest that if you have files in that partition that windows can not detect, you transfer it to the partition or drive that windows can detect. I am talking about the partitions/drives in your phone.
      And after that use the other method, don’t use link2sd anymore. You can reformat your microSD card to FAT32 again using Minitool.

  195. I had a problem showing “Mount script cannot be created. mount: Invalid argument” while recreating mount script. I have tried both ext3 and ext2 but still showing the same. I’m using 4gb sd card, is it ok? how to fix my problem?

  196. hi good day mr. jeff i have prob to my galaxy Y. If i download application always appear PHone memory is full what will i do?

  197. kenneth kyle Avatar
    kenneth kyle

    Hi Can I Do This With 2 or 4 Gb sd card ?.

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