Samui: Naruto Character Info and gallery

There are several hot babes in the world of Naruto Shippuden. One of them is Samui. Samui is a Kunoichi and she is from Kumogakure and she is the head of Team Samui.


naruto samui

Samui first appeared in Naruto Manga chapter 417. On Anime series she appeared on Naruto Shippuden Edpisode 156. She also made an appearance on Naruto Movie 5: Blood Prison.

Samui’s personality is calm, mature and usually silent, it’s so obvious from her facial expression alone. Samui has a fair complexion, tall, has curvacious built and (like Tsunade) has a large bust. She’s definitely one of the hot ninjas in Naruto.

Samui uses Kenjutsu, like her other team mates does. She uses a weapon called tanto. She also has lots of information regarding the Gold and Silver Brothers, including the four mythical weapons.

If you are looking for some Naruto-Samui pictures, below are some I that have gathered.



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