Sandy Bridge-E Processors to be sold without stock coolers

Up coming Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E Processors in LGA2011 socket will be sold without stock coolers

Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E processors is just around the corner. These are the latest Core i7 processors in LGA2011 package that Intel will be releasing in just a few months from now.


intel core i7 sandy bridge-e processor
Intel’s first wave of Sandy Bridge-E processors are the Core i7-3820, Core i7-3930K and Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition. All of these processors will be sold without stock coolers. Meaning when you buy them, all you get is the processor itself. Intel has plans to sold certified stock heat sink fan for Sandy Bridge-E processors separately.

Intel might be planning to change the design of the stock cooler. Perhaps Sandy Bridge-E are hooter than we expected and needs a tower type cooler like the one in the image below.

intel sandy bridge-e stock cooler

Not having a stock cooler included in the package might lower the price of a Sandy Brdige-E processor. However, we know how Intel prices their processors right? Especially the extreme ones and those that are made for enthusiasts. Their quite (if not insanely) expensive. I’m guessing Sandy Bridge-E processors might be sold for over $1,000 USD.

Anyway, a typical PC enthusiast does not use a stock cooler. So even if Intel provided a stock cooler, it would just probably end up inside the box covered in dust. For monster processors like the Intel Core i7-3930K and the Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition, a water cooling system is recommended to achieve the highest possible stable clock speeds.

Sandy Bridge-E processors are rated with 130W TDP (Thermal Power Design), however tests conducted using engineering samples indicates that Sandy Brdige-E processors can go as high as 180W on load without even overclocking them.

I’m sure the Sandy Bridge-E processors are a must see and must try for the PC enthusiasts community.



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  1. Another cool processor from Intel. Nice review…:)

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      Maybe next DCE, DCE 2012, somebody would be using this monsters hahaha

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