Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Revealed!

Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Finally unleashed!

In the previous Naruto chapter 553, Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was finally revealed! A lot of Uchiha Sasuke’s fans were waiting for him to appear with his newly attained powers, thanks to his brother Uchiha Itachi.


In the last pages of Naruto 553, Sasuke, I think, was trying to escape. Unfortunately the white Zetsu was on his way and was the first one to taste the wrath of Sasuke’s Amaterasu. In the depth of darkness, Sasuke revealed his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke's eternal Mangekyo Sharingan-naruto shippuden 554There are only two from the Uchiha clan who can use the “Eternal” Mangakyo Sharingan. The first one is Marada, and the other one is no other than Sasuke.

The Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan or Eien no Mangekyō Sharingan is a very powerful technique. Not only that the user will not go blind from using it, he has also unlimited access to great powers.

Sasuke got his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan when Madara transplanted Itachi’s eyes to Sasuke. That’s how a Mangekyo Sharingan is transformed to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke can use his new Susanoo after having the eternal mangekyou sharingan. Sasuke, using his Susanoo, attacks a White zetsu clone and use Amaterasu on him. Sasuke mentioned that he can clearly see in the darkness and wants to head outside in the open to test his new eternal mangekyou sharingan.

Unfortunately, Sasuke has yet to appear again in Naruto chapters. Perhaps Naruto will have to defeat the Edo Tensei Jinchuriki and their tailed beast plus Tobi, before Sasuke will come in the picture.

I’m not really sure if Sasuke is still an antagonist here, now that he has achieve Eternal Mangekyou. Perhaps after Naruto defeats Tobi, it’s Naruto and Sasuke’s turn to fight. Remember, one of Naruto’s mission is to bring back Sasuke to Konoha, to their side.

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16 responses to “Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Revealed!”

  1. Moses Tablate Avatar
    Moses Tablate

    Meh, just read 554 a while ago and it only contained the fight of naruto and the third raikage

    1.  Avatar

      Yeah, it’s a total disappointment. I think Naruto 555 will be continuation of Naruto’s fight and again a little of Sasuske’s Eternal Sharingan

  2. hmmmmm i like pie

  3. Badcow1399 Avatar

    sauke ems looks good expected it to look better but lets just see it in action and i’v been thinking about madara’s moon of the eye plan and wondering if he still has ms or ems I not sure if he has the ems but i sure he gots the ms because you need the ms to use infinite tsykiyomi right? and is just he and sauske left back that are uchia and sauske didnt agree to do any moon of the eye plan so yea madara does have the ms but not so sure about his ems

    1.  Avatar

      Let’s just wait. I was just disappointed that until know we haven’t seen Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan yet in action. Grr.. I was just a teaser for Naruto fans. Maybe after Gaara’s fight

  4. spoiling the end of naruto first of all madara is not madara its the first six path sage u suckers 😛 he took madras body using nakra path after he died in the fight with the 1rst hokague and btw naruto becomes juubi and i think what we saw in the six coffin was his actual real body or hes previos body….. 😛 spoiled

    1. so6p never…. it should be Izuna uchiha!!

  5. Dobinna55 Avatar

    tobi is not madara

    1.  Avatar

      Yes, we knew that by now. But the big question is, who is Tobi? I bet he’s Danzō Shimura. Read more here

  6. sasuke_ruling Avatar

    sasuke will kill naruto w/ this even if naruto gets his 4th revival from his death of sasuke.

  7. Codarmyps3 Avatar

    hey has sasuke got the ems in anime yet? if yes what episode plz anyone tell me thank you! 😀

  8. Jayson Avatar

    Tobi is Obito

  9. i thing that naruto and nagato cams from the same clan right

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