singlehop coupon code march 2013

Don’t Buy SingleHop Dedicated Server Without this Overkill Coupon Code!

According to SingleHop, when it comes to Dedicated Servers, there is no such thing as overkill. Currently, they are offering double RAM, double bandwidth and a free 120GB SSD (Solid State Drive) on new servers priced at $199 and up.


singlehop coupon code march 2013

Why Choose SingleHop?

There are probably lots of ways why you should choose SingleHop’s Dedicated Servers. But for a quick answer, they can deploy servers online in under 60 minutes (fast deployment). They have a powerful control panel which is the LEAP3 and can be accessed from Web or mobile device like Android and iPhone. They have quality service, rock solid network with 100% uptime guarantee, and a 24x7x365 service.

SingleHop Coupon Code for March 2013

For you to take advantage of their overkill dedicated server promo, you must enter a coupon code found on this page during your purchase of a Dedicated Server. Remember this is valid for a new dedicated server config, and must be priced $199 and up. RAM are subject to server capacity.

Some of the recommended servers are Single Xeon E5620 2.4GHz server, Intel Xeon E5520 2.26Ghz server or an Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 2.83GHz server.

Again, to take advantage of this promo, use SingleHop coupon code found here.

By the way, this code/promotion is valid for a limited time only. Did you noticed the timer at the picture above. At the time I captured the screenshot, the offer will expire after 24 days.

Why You Need 2x RAM and 2x Bandwidth for a Dedicated Server?

Any site administrator who runs their project, application or web sites on a dedicated server needs more RAM and Bandwidth, specially if their site is growing or has tons of visitors. I mean who wouldn’t like their servers be upgrade?

You need more RAM for a smooth operation of your system and you need more bandwidth to accommodate more traffic. It’s just like having your own computer. You want to increase your RAM so that your applications will load faster, and you want to subscribed to an ISP that offers a larger bandwidth so that you can enjoy faster connection.

Don’t wait, opportunities like this comes once in a blue moon. Get the coupon code here.



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